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(Shiori Yamana) The Semen Treatment


n0254 2007/09/04
Shiori Yamana
The Semen Treatment

It is said that the number of doctors is little on a nationwide scale. Especially, the story that there is no hospital where is staying special doctor when not running by car in the depopulated area for a long time is not unusual either.
Therefore, doctor is always welcome at any time. A social position is also high and the medical license acquired once is effective through life. It is the one of the very comfortable occupations without a retirement age and also high pay.
Therefore, though there is a reasonable social responsibility, there are a lot of irresponsible doctors. SHIORI of beauty doctor is typical wicked doctor who loves money and a man.

SHIORI has made things what she wants as a vague examination is repeated and a patient no sickness either is hospitalized. However, confused way of SHIORI buys anger by many directions. It is beginning of the social sanction to SHIORI.
The body of SHIORI is treated as a toy of the sex and looked down thoroughly. She made an enema in the patient who came to a hospital for a stomachache. She sprays antiseptic solution on the cock of a patient who says that has a pain in the throat.
SHIORI repeats the illogical medical examination and treatment that she cannot think to be the doctor every day. In addition, the cock of the good looking patient who visited hospital by the headache is fingered and is hospitalized compulsorily.

The purpose of SHIORI is just cock of good looking man. SHIORI appears with private clothes and provokes to good looking patient who lies in hospitalization bed. She caressed crotch and tits after the deep kiss.
She also requested careful licking service following finger fuck. Then, cock is inserted at the missionary posture after six-nine play. The joy juice that becomes cloudy immediately gushes from the pussy.
SHIORI gets excited more to seeing the uniting part at the time of fucking by bending posture and a large amount of cloudy joy juice drips at side posture.

Vagina meat rubs with a violent putting the cock in and out and it gets excited greatly by the close up of uniting part. Then vaginal cum shot is made at the missionary posture and thick semen flows backward.
SHIORI waits for a patient as always in a consulting room later, but nobody enters. A patient lost amiability for past groundless medical examination and treatment.
The nurse's aide who witnessed a play with SHIORI and good looking inpatient taking advantage of this opportunity scolds SHIORI intensely. SHIORI concluded a past illogical action to be sick will consult three assistants.

Stockings and the panty are cut with scissors in the open leg pose and the pussy is exposed and she faints in agony to violent finger fuck.
In addition, two rotor toys are thrown in to the vagina hole while being stimulated the clitoris with the rotor toy. Next, it is thick vibs toy attack by standing backing style.
At the same time, the cock is thrown into the mouth and it is compulsion fellatio. The pussy is already wet much in the violent stimulation of vibs toy.

In continues, pussy is stimulated with the electric massage machine, and SHIORI cannot stand and sits down. The attack of the electric massage machine continues and stimulates the pussy violently by the open leg pose and she is made acme by force.
Immediate aftermath, three cocks attack her at the same time and there are compulsion fellatio & hand job service at the standing pose.
Next, the cock is inserted in the pussy where is in the state of the flood by standing back posture and fucking treatment starts. The cloudiness joy juice gushes to the piston with it being lifted a one leg highly.

Violent piston is continued at the woman on top and backward woman on top posture, and first vaginal cum shot is made at the missionary posture though SHORI opposes intensively.
Immediate aftermath, second one is inserted and semen is compelling injected after a violent piston. Semen drips and drops from the pussy that extends greatly.
The third cock is immediately inserted after this and vaginal cum shot is forced to the vagina jar that mixes with the cloudiness joy juice and semen. The pussy is exhausted by the roughness treatment of continuous vaginal cum shot.

However, the assistant diagnoses for sickness of SHIORI not to have cured yet. Men in the hospital are gathered and the semen treatment is given.
Total 13 people splash semen one after another aiming at the pussy of SHIORI who was suppressed by the open leg pose and expanded by the finger right and left. The semen that scatters around the pussy is pushed in the vagina.
Immediate aftermath, SHIORI is taken up in his arms and made to excrete semen compulsorily. In addition, semen doesn't flow backward from the pussy of the opening though it is stirred by the finger.
The pussy seems to have swallowed all a large amount of semen. SHIORI regains feelings to work on the doctor's work seriously in the effect of treatment of vaginal cum shot.
However, the pussy into which a large amount of semen is injected at a dash collapses completely. SHIORI visits the specialist for the treatment of a damaged pussy. However, the specialist who undertook treatment is a wicked doctor.
SHIORI is made to be hospitalized forcibly, and she is made fucking & vaginal cum shot on the pretence of treatment every day. There is no indication even when leaving hospital.


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