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(Mayu Nemoto) The Vagina Jar


n0253 2007/08/31
Mayu Nemoto
The Vagina Jar

The issue of bullying is worsening year by year. The realities of bullying cannot be understood from the outside easily. The teacher doesn't understand easily about the thing such as whether who are victims and who is assailant for bullying in the school.
Because it might be a composition that the bullied student bullies a weaker student, the problem is more complex.
Though MAYU NEMOTO of schoolgirl is a slender nymph who belongs to the athletic club, she is timid and the thing that becomes the target of bullying is frequent, too. Teachers always mind such MAYU. However, teachers' aims were schoolgirl's young bodies.

The men driving recklessly take a woman's body and do what wants to do. The delicate body of MAYU is teased thoroughly. Fellatio is compelled to MAYU by the boy of gay in the locker room after extracurricular activities end.
A guy boy who is usually tormented by all made weaker MAYU a laughingstock. It is the polite fellatio from the point of glans to the back muscle and hand job service.
The cock is sucked immediately before the ejaculation and semen is poured into the intraoral. Immediate aftermath, the senior enters there. A guy boy flees in surprise.

MAYU is made taking off clothes by the senior who is got exciting and gets the compulsion finger fuck by the standing pose. In addition, she is made finger fuck & careful licking service by the six nine posture.
However, it is found by another senior. The cock is immediately thrown in to the mouth of MAYU. After the double fellatio of two seniors, the cock is compelling inserted by standing back posture.
The powerful piston is continuously made at the backward woman on top, woman on top, back and missionary posture. Then semen is compulsorily injected in the vagina though MAYU opposes vaginal cum shot.

Semen overflows in the ostium of the vagina that extends greatly. Next, the image scene of the school uniform is placed and it is the scene in the health room.
MAYU who is said that looks shaky and is put to sleep to the bed is made to wind round the whole body by the bandage. The rotor toy is thrown into the pussy by back style as the state that cannot move at all.
In the next, three cocks are thrown into the mouth and it is compulsion fellatio. At that time, the head teacher enters the health room. It is found to the head teacher and the teacher of the health flees dejectedly.

MAYU suffers the intense careful licking service of the head teacher by the open leg pose, in addition, the pussy is violently licked by face mount play.
However, the principal comes there. The principal insists that a teacher should get along well with the tormented student. The teacher carries out a play to make friends with MAYU with other teachers.
MAYU made an open leg pose in the bed and gets the lotion hung down from the uniform. Then, it is compulsion finger fuck play after see-through nipple is stimulated from uniform.

In the next, MAYU faints in agony when the clitoris violently stimulated and the vibs toy is inserted in the pussy. The joy juice that becomes cloudy drips and is thrown. Then, it is vibs toy attack by back style.
The labia moves lewdly and the ostium of the vagina violently does the slack shrinkage. When the ostium of the vagina extends greatly, it is a full view of the vagina until the depth.
The vagina entrance extends more greatly immediately after the toy was extracted. Then the cock is inserted in the pussy that extends greatly.

After the powerful piston is made at the missionary, bending and back posture, the cloudiness joy juice that overflows and comes out increases more and it cling to the cock.
In addition, violent piston is continuing at the backward woman on top and woman on top posture and finally vaginal cum shot is made at the side posture though she violently opposes.
Immediate aftermath, the second cock is inserted at the missionary posture, and after the piston is violently done, semen is injected at the bending posture.

The third cock is immediately inserted in the pussy that makes an obscene sound and makes semen flow backward. The third vaginal cum shot is made at the missionary posture after violent piston. The pussy discharges semen while doing strange movement.
Next, all schoolboys of the class are called. A play is forced so that MAYU adapt herself to the class, and to be not tormented. Total 14 mouthful cum shot is made to MAYU who sitting down by bloomers appearance and greatly opened her mouth.
A large amount of semen is discharged into the intraoral and MAYU expression that seems to be vomited many times. And the semen of the mouth is spitted out on the plate which is held under the face.
After the fact, a large amount of semen on the plate is compulsorily poured in the pussy of the MAYU of the lift hip up pose. Semen blows the bubble in the vagina.
Immediate aftermath, MAYU is taken up in ones arms and it ends by the compulsion semen excretion. Bullying to MAYU disappeared since this day.
When a feeling is irritated and wanted to torment somebody, make vaginal cum shot to pussy of MAYU and make feel fine. MAYU is found useful as a vagina jar for the vaginal cum shot and is a popular person not only in the class but also in the school now.


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