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(Tomomi Harada) The Meat Slave


n0252 2007/08/28
Tomomi Harada
The Meat Slave

Various harassments as sexual harassment & powerful harassment becomes a problem in these days. A man does sexual harassment to a woman, the boss calls a subordinate the incompetence and a teacher torments a student,
the harassment strides at various places such as a school, office. Beautiful female teacher TOMOMI HARADA also abuses students of the class every day. TOMOMI makes a fool thoroughly. However, TOMOMI is partial to a specific student on the other hand.
The student's father is helping a large sum of money for TOMONI. It is natural that the punished by Heaven falls to a terrible woman unworthy of such a clergyman. A slender body is insulted and a current evil doing is liquidated.

Tomomi is abusing students who cannot study today and the class is finished early. However, TOMONI approaches one student in an insinuating voice after class. It is because a large sum of money is gotten from this student's father.
TOMONI immediately makes fellatio for student's cock. TOMONI politely licked cock of head and made hard hand job service. TOMOMI sucks cock momentarily at the time of be discharged semen from the erected cock.
After wringing all semen, she hung down semen that blows the bubble from the mouth in the palm. Student's father appears there and the sexual desire processing is requested. TOMOMI is presented help added further and approves it pleasantly.

Play begins immediately in the bed. TOMOMI shows thick fellatio that the tongue creeps into root of cock after licking the nipple of man. Then, it is 69play.
The pussy in the state of the flood has already overflowed the joy juice that becomes cloudy in violent finger fuck. Then cock is inserted at M-leg woman on top posture and TOMOMI is shown uniting part.
Violent piston is made continuously at the backward woman on top and missionary posture and a large amount of joy juice gushes. Semen is compelling injected by bending posture though TOMOMI opposes vaginal cum shot.

TOMOMI makes efforts to the pussy and excretes semen while shaking vagina meat. In addition, it is stirred by the finger in the vagina and it begins to grub semen. In other day, TOOMMI severely scolds students when the point of the test in class is bad.
However, three parents of students after the class intrude into to the classroom after the class and press on TOMOMI. Parents insist that their son was bullied by TOMOMI.
In addition, they rage that TOMOMI gets money and is offering body to specific parents. They attack TOMOMI and took off her closes.

TOMOMI is greatly opened pussy immediately by the open leg pose and the rotor toy is inserted in the vagina hole, and TOMOMI drips joy juice much. Next is vibs toy attack.
The vibs toy is inserted in the pussy and clitoris is stimulated with another vibs toy and TOMOMI faints in agony. In addition, two vibs toys are thrown in to the pussy at the same time and she is made acme compulsorily.
Next, vibs toy attack by standing backing pose. TOMOMI is shown one's pussy where a vibs toy is put in and out. In the next, super thick vibs toy is compelling inserted. After the fact, Cuzco is inserted in the pussy that extends greatly.

And it is compulsion fellatio play after the joy juice that becomes cloudy and adhering vagina wall is exposing. TOMOMI is suppressed back of the head and the cock is deeply put into the throat.
Next, three cocks are licked by the tongue at the same time. Men who are not calmed down anger throws down TOMOMI on the mat and begin the fuck. The hard piston is made at the missionary, back and backward woman on top posture.
The cock is stopped up in the pussy and the mouth is also closed with the cock. The first vaginal cum shot is made at the woman on top posture. Then second cock is inserted immediately and made vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture.

Without any interval, third cock is inserted and semen that flows backward to the ostium of the vagina is pushed back in the vagina, and third vaginal cum short is made at the bending posture. Thick semen begins to overflow.
Next, students who are abused by TOMOMI are gathered. Then total six facial cum shot are made to face of TOMOMI who is exhausted in continuous vaginal cum shot. The cock after ejaculates is thrown in to the mouth, and remained semen is cleaned up.
Next, TOMOMI is made lift hip up pose compulsorily and six men made cum shot aiming to pussy that greatly opened. The semen that spills around the pussy is pushed by the finger in the vagina. The last is PISS SHOT.

TOMOMI sits on the bathroom, expands the pussy by the finger voluntarily and urinates. A large amount of urine gushes out mightily.
TOMOMI who disclosed miserable foolish in front of student and parents becomes a fucked plaything every day after this day. Students who are not abused come to like school and the lower half of the body is also refreshing and the result improves, too.
The student and parents fuck TOMOMI in confusion at the parents visit day that comes once an every month. The relationship between a student and parents becomes excellent due to have the common meat slave. Everyone has expressed gratitude to TOMOMI now.


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