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(Nanami Hanasaki) TOKYO HOT academy


n0251 2007/08/24
Nanami Hanasaki
TOKYO HOT academy

A recent falling birthrate casts a shadow to the education business. There are a lot of cram school discontinuing its business and schools closed down without it being gathered students.
The individual school is going to overcome competition of the student acquisition to intensify by appealing for each expertise as the rate of going on to school is high, sports are strong, strong in finding employment and so on.
It is a free school tradition that TOKYO HOT academy has appealed up to now completely. It is gradually admitted and the number also of entrance aspirants increases every year.

The cadet teacher NANAMI HANASAKI who is serious with neatness and has ambition becomes the teacher comes to such TOKYO HOT academy. However, NANAMI finds no words in students who attend the class nakedly.
Students who are very interesting in body of pure NANAMI take off her clothes immediately and enjoy her body as like as they want. The sorrowful shout of NANAMI is a sound extending to the classroom and cruel play starts.
NANAMI is made to answer for the lascivious questionnaire that "Lost virgin experience" and "Favorite play", etc. from the principal at first day of practice teaching.

Next morning, when NANAMI is changing clothes in the locker room, the principal enters suddenly a room. NANAMI is warned that clothes are sober and ordered to teach with private clothes.
And, the principal takes off clothes of NANAMI and begins caressing. Principal's authority is absolute in the practice teaching. After finger fuck is made by force to NANAMI who cannot oppose it, the cock is thrown in the mouth.
Back of the head is suppressed by standing pose and the piston is done violently. Skillful fellatio is placed and the cock is inserted in the pussy by backward woman on top posture by force. Then, joy juice that becomes cloudy blots immediately.

It the next, amounts of the cloudiness liquid becomes double and it adheres to the cock at woman on top posture. NANAMI faints in agony to a violent piston to which the uniting part is shown by bending posture.
Semen is compulsorily injected by missionary posture though she opposes vaginal cum shot. Thick semen overflows from the ostium of the vagina. The next scene, NANAMI engages in education. Because it is a free school tradition, all students are nakedness.
The teacher introduces by herself though she is surprised. The students also introduce by them self while squeezing cock. Furthermore, students edge up to NANAMI when they ask things what they do not understand.

Students' wanting to learn is female teacher's pure and innocent body. NANAMI is surrounded by students and opens the pussy greatly by the open leg pose. After finger fuck & clitoris attack, two rotor toys are thrown in to the pussy at the same time.
Then it is vibs toy attack in the next. She is made acme compulsorily by the stimulation of the thick vibs toy after the pussy is stirred with various kinds of toys.
In addition, the cock is thrown in to the mouth one after another by students who say that they want to know about mouth and compulsion standing fellatio starts. Three cocks are thrown in at the same time and NANAMI sucks them hard though she dislikes.

Next, NANAMI is thrown down and the cock is inserted at the missionary posture. Piston is made at the bending & side posture and the cloudiness joy juice gushes. Two cocks are thrown into the mouth at the same time also at M-leg woman on top posture.
Though NANAMI violently opposes, first vaginal cum shot is made by force at the back posture. The pussy that greatly opened is cramped.
The second cock is inserted immediately at the side posture and semen is compelling injected in the vagina where semen and joy juice remain. Immediate aftermath, the third cock is inserted at the missionary posture.

The third vaginal cum shot is made by force after a deep stroke that pokes even the opening of uterus. The cock is pulled out once and it is inserted again. The semen of the remainder begins to squeeze everything in the vagina.
Also students of other class gather to be thought by NANAMI. Semen is poured one after another on the face of NANAMI who is amazed. In addition, the stick after it ejaculates is pushed into the mouth and it is made to clean beautifully.
The face of NANAMI is covered with semen of total 14. NANAMI is ejaculated at the same time by right and left and it gets excited by the scene seriously disliked it. Soup that fell down on the face is collected on the plate put under the face.

In addition, semen in the mouth is also vomited in the plate. And, the semen collected on the plate is poured compulsorily in the vagina at the lift hip up pose at the end.
Immediate aftermath, NANAMI is hold in one's arms and semen is compulsorily excreted. The semen flows backward in a shameful sound. The expression of the exhausted NANAMI is impressive. The last is PISS SHOT.
NANAMI sits on the chair and kneel on one knee and made piss shot while expanded vagina meat by the finger. Urine scatters mightily though the excretion time is short.
The grade of NANAMI of the practice teaching is also good and adoption decision to TOKYO HOT academy immediately.
A passage "Pure and innocent female teacher equipping only for vaginal cum shot" in addition to "Free school tradition" is scheduled to be added to next year's entrance guide pamphlet.


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