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(Reimi Minami) The Semen Authentication


n0249 2007/08/17
Reimi Minami
The Semen Authentication

A lot of posts exist in the company such as business, announcing to public, and administration. The project and the research and development section are especially the one of center of section in the company.
Even if the product assembly etc. has been consigned to foreign countries in the manufacturer, the case of R&D is made in domestic mostly.
So that the new project and the development of the new product spends a vast fund and is carried out, it is a matter of life and death for a company that information about it leaks out to the outsider.

It can get nervous that the information of the new product leaks out to the outsider in the TOKYO HOT Co.,Ltd. where Reimi MINAMI who is receptionist of mini skirt works at.
In such one day, Reimi receives the instruction of not passing the acceptance excluding the employee and the customer in order to prepare for a leak of the information. However, employee's neither face nor name are remembered.
Reimi is compelled the way that remembers the feature of the body to mobilize the all hole of the body as mouth, pussy, anus and so on. It was a start of a cruel insulting.

It is the state that all the hole of the body can be closed by an eccentric attack is cruel! Reimi from whom even employee's face and name are not remembered is made to suck the cock of employee one by one.
It is a cock authentication as the fingerprint authentication. The individual is identified by the feature of the cock.
Though it is a cock authentication that is the good for a while operation, a certain day outsider passes the cock authentication system and it enters in-house.

Afterwards, Reimi is fingered whole body by the men of company in order to the pussy authentication system construction with high accuracy or more.
First of all, cock inserts in the pussy that gets wet by finger fuck and careful licking service at te standing back. The stick is inserted one after another and the joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes.
Then, vaginal cum shot is forced in order to memorize employee's face and name for the Reimi surely. Total 12 continuous compulsions cum shot are made as like 3 in at standing back and 9 at missionary posture.

The ostium of the vagina that extended greatly is miserable. The next scene, Reimi is called by the president and went to the president room. The president will test a new authentication system.
Finger fuck is made at the standing back pose after fellatio and ball bag licking service. The finger is put also into anus and cock is inserted at the standing back posture. Cock is also inserted anus, too.
And anus fuck is continued at the bending and woman on top posture. In addition, after the cock is alternately thrown in to the anus and the pussy at the missionary posture, semen is splashed into anus.

Practical use is decided to the anus authentication system. In another day, a lot of employees surge to the reception at a time in order to attend to the conference on a new product. Reimi attests them at a dash collectively because there is no time.
After Reimi is made finger fuck by the open leg pose, she made standing fellatio one by one. All members erect and pussy attestation begins. Hard piston has been made at the missionary, side, M-leg woman on top and back posture.
Then cock is inserted anus at side posture, too. Afterwards, cock is inserted in anus while being inserted in the pussy at woman on top posture. In addition, the cock is thrown in to the mouth.

Reimi faints in agony to three hole fucking play simultaneously. In the next, cock is thrown in to the pussy while anus fucking has been made at the backward woman on top posture.
Though the time of the conference approaches and employees who panic speed up the closing attestation as all meat holes compete, Reimi cannot yet confirm as much as one person. Therefore, employees try to obtain the attestation by vaginal cum shot.
Eight people inject semen one after another into the vagina continuously at missionary posture. It gets excited by the scene that semen flows backward with lascivious sound immediately after vaginal cum shot.

Next, another employee forces cum shot to anus at the side posture. Immediate aftermath, second cock is inserted in anus where semen begins to blot and widely opened deeply at the bending posture and cum shot made again.
The pussy and anus where the piston is violently made and semen is injected extend greatly and are convulsive. Immediate aftermath, Reimi is made to be compulsorily the lift hip up pose.
The employees of the remainder made cum shot to the between the groins one after another. The semen attestation is started and total 16 people made cum shot. The spilling semen is pushed into the pussy by the finger.
Three of all hit face of Reimi directly. It ends by the appearance of the Reimi who is made dirty whole body with semen and cannot get up while falling down. After all, all attestations do not end and the conference is postponed.
The penalty of unpaid for one year from now was given to Reimi who gave loss to company. However, the pussy and anus becomes slovenly in one week.
Reimi is reshuffled from receptionist to charge of cock cleaning now because of precision of the attestation fell, too Reimi sucks the employee's cock that is dirtied by semen after a new receptionist attests it and keeps beautiful now.


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