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(Natsumi Kikuchi) The Meat Jar Race Queen


n0248 2007/08/14
Natsumi Kikuchi
The Meat Jar Race Queen

The cooperation of a lot of people and a lot of money are necessary for the independent upbringing of RACE QUEEN.
Though spent money can be collected if she becomes famous and a lot of fans are acquired, however, the case to lose popularity in the scandal etc. till then is not few.
Therefore, it is a scandal of relations between the sexes that the office is especially on edge of the nerve. The belonging office of NATSUMI KIKUCHI who has attractive beauty leg also complete prohibits association with a man.

However, it is found by the president when NATSUMI invites a boyfriend to the office and made fuck. The president rages at the act that ruins the hardship of the parties concerned who have supported NATSUMI.
To bully a foolish RACE QUEEN who voluntarily lowers commercial value thoroughly and weak-willed by her is made to be regretted through life. NATSUMI brings the boyfriend to the office at the day of off.
The boyfriend immediately caresses body of NATSUMI. Though NATSUMI opposes, clothes are taken off, and the pussy is violently stimulated from the panty by the open leg pose and the pant voice is originated gradually.

In addition, the panty is taken off and she gets wet immediately when finger fuck is made. NATSUMI faints in agony to violent finger fuck while pour away the love juice that becomes cloudy and she is made acme compulsorily.
And, after fellatio, the cock is inserted at the standing back posture. Fucking is continued at woman on top, backward woman on top and missionary posture and NATSUMI ejaculates.
And then, it is vaginal cum shot at the bending posture after a strong piston. Semen overflows in the ostium of the vagina and it drip slowly. However, boyfriend is found by the president who entered as for the immediate aftermath and driven out.

The next day, the president scolds again NATSUMI who sits on a sofa with putting on the RACE QUEEN costume. NATSUMI is made to suck sponsor and racer's cock by force after she is made to sit upright with her legs folded under her.
The president also joins and NATSUMI is made to suck three cocks at the same time. In continuously, she is sucked manager's cock and made standing fellatio. And, the manager ejaculates by violent hand job service while sucking other cock.
NATSUMI pours in a large amount of semen on the tongue. In the next, The vibs toy is thrown in to the pussy by the open leg pose after hip is violently spanked at the crawl on all fours pose by the men who do not calm down anger.

And it is rotor toy attack, the clitoris and the vagina are stimulated at the same time and she is made acme compulsorily. Immediate aftermath, the thick vibs toy is inserted and she ejaculates.
In addition, the toy rotates violently by electrically and it stirred the pussy, and she is made acme again. Immediate aftermath, Cuzco is inserted and the opening of uterus where the joy juice that become cloudy are stayed is exposed.
The string jelly is poured in the vagina that is expanded in Cuzco by force and it is stirred compulsorily. Next, they move to the bed and compulsion fucking play is started. Piston is made at the missionary, bending and back posture.

Though the cock is inserted in the interior of the vagina by bending posture and she ejaculates, that?fs mouth is immediately closed with another cock. The ball gag is bitten and semen is injected by bending posture compulsorily on the way.
Immediate aftermath, cock is inserted by back style and the second vaginal cum shot is made at standing back posture. Immediate aftermath, another cock is inserted by missionary posture and the third vaginal cum shot is made at the back posture.
Though NATSUMI is injected semen in succession and falls down, another cock is immediately thrown in at the missionary posture. And, vaginal cum shot is made again and semen blows the bubble and backflows.

Next, many other staff who have supported NATUSMI are called. They splashed semen one after another into the pussy of NATSUMI to whom the leg was suppressed by the open leg pose.
As a cruel thing, the cock is stabbed in the vagina immediately before the ejaculation. The compulsion ejaculate in the vagina is forced! It is terrible devil play. Total eight people made continuous ejaculation.
Immediate aftermath, she is hold in one's arms and the semen flows backward with lascivious sound. In addition, compulsion mouthful cum shot is made. Total eight cum shot are made into her mouth.

NATSUMI vomits semen many times while seriously disliking it. Semen drips from the mouth while blowing the bubble and makes the whole body dirty. The last is double PISS SHOT. The first PISS SHOT is made as she expanded pussy at squatting down.
A thin stripe is drawn and urine scatters. The second PISS SHOT is made by open leg pose with pussy is expanded by the finger of V character. A large amount of urine gushes out more than first PISS SHOT.
Urine is gone along under the pussy and drips below at the same time as describing a parabola and scattering. The powerful urination and violently sound at the excreting is so wonderful.
The gorgeous woman who was RACE QUEEN until yesterday sinks to meat jar for the ejaculation and drips and throws urination in the presence of others. Afterwards, NATSUMI collected the loss that the office had invested by the body.
The life only of the fucked by many and unspecified man waits. It is a miserable end of the RACE QUEEN who lost commercial value.


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