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(Asami Niikura) Mission in Pussy


n0281 2007/12/07
Asami Niikura
Mission in Pussy

It is necessary to always set up an antenna to the trend and so on of consumer needs and the society so that the enterprise may continue earnings.
It is more important to know the trend of the rival enterprise and huge man power and the capital have been spent to obtain the information. ASAMI NIIKURA is beautiful office lady who drifts the erotic pheromone.
ASAMI performs espionage to offer information of the own company to the boyfriend working in the rival company in the back. However, she is suspected and the spirit and the body are driven in to the breaking point by the received cruel villainy torture.

ASAMI is suddenly called by the director. The confidential information of the company leaks out, and ASAMI falls under suspicion. Torture starts to make ASAMI who denies it confesses. She is made the stark-naked and pussy is exposed in the open leg pose.
The joy juice is gushed by the continuing finger fuck and an obscene sound is made. Next, the clitoris and the vagina hole are fingered and the joy juice that becomes cloudy is hung down.
And then, the cock is pushed into the mouth after violent finger fuck and she is made fellatio. The head is suppressed by the standing fellatio style and it is poked violently.

In addition, it shifts to more skillful fellatio play and she is made to suck while hanging a large amount of slaver down. And then, cock is inserted at the standing back posture.
Piston is made at the backward woman on top, woman on top and bending posture, and ASAMI pants violently and her pussy is drenched in the cloudiness joy juice.
In addition, she is poked at the in missionary & bending posture and the vaginal cum shot is made at the missionary posture though ASAMI violently opposes it.

Immediate aftermath, semen is grubbed. However, more cruel torture continues to ASAMI who doesn't confess. After the finger and clitoris attack are made by the open leg pose, the cannon vibs toy is inserted.
ASAMI is violently stirred in the vagina and got the acme while the lower half of the body goes into convulsions. Immediate aftermath, test tube is inserted and vagina wall that drenched by the joy juice is exposed and Cuzco is inserted.
The opening of uterus where the splashed semen remains is showed. The director discovers the microchip of the full loading of the secret data that sealed to nipple of ASAMI. ASAMI fails in stealing and punishment will be given.

All employees are gathered and ASAMI of the open leg pose is surrounded. Men insert the cock immediately before the ejaculation in the pussy and made cum shot into the vagina.
The semen of total 11 is continuously injected and total eight are poured to the face also at the same time.
It gets excited by a miserable appearance that around mouth is made dirty by a large amount of semen and is not opened after it having been rubbed a cock just after the ejaculation against a face. The scene is change and it is home of ASAMI.

She reports on the thing that fails in stealing to the boyfriend. In the next, ASAMI is ordered to steal information of the rival company at the cabaret club where she works as the part-time job.
And, the cock is thrown in to the mouth and she is made standing fellatio. ASAMI keeps hand job service & sucking. The boyfriend rubs cock voluntarily and ejaculates at the end and splashed semen made dirty her suit.
It is the inside of cabaret club after the image scene was cut in. ASAMI who put on the red dress is serving three business man of the rival company. She listens to speaking of a new project and tries to get information.

However, one of the employees points out the thing that information leaks. ASAMI is suspected as a criminal and put on torture. She is made taking off clothes and is made finger fuck & clitoris attack by the open leg pose.
ALARM! And cock is inserted into pussy at the missionary posture after standing fellatio. The violent piston is continue at the bending, side, back, M-leg backward woman on top and woman on top posture and the cloudiness joy juice gushes and it adheres to
the second cock is inserted at the side posture and semen is injected into vagina. Then, third cock inserts at once at the missionary posture. ASAMI who is violently stimulated in vagina finally confesses espionage and semen is injected just after that.

Semen of bubble flows backward from the pussy. After the fact, it is finished with the appearance of absentminded ASAMI without the focus of eyes being decided.
ASAMI gets the body checked many times at every day to prevent repetition of an offense after this. She is fucked and is made vaginal cum shot at every check. Therefore she repeats the pregnancy and delivery many times and become a single mother.
All wages in the cabaret club seem to fade away to the expense of bringing up children.


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