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(Tomomi Nonomura) The storm of semen


n0282 2007/12/11
Tomomi Nonomura
The storm of semen

The work of advertising agency is hard. However, the salary is high and the entrusted work is big if becoming major and it is a popular occupation.
TOMOMI NONOMURA who looks like a model and in attractive smile is a talented girl at a famous women's university that works part-time as major advertising agency "TOKYO HOT".
However, TOMOMI made a lot of mistake in the work and is frequent scolded by the superior. Therefore, the training of specialty of the company will be taken. It is body insult education as TOKYO HOT style.

TOMOMI is played violently by all staffs of company and the ego collapses. TOMOMI is pointed out the mistake of work by the director and receives attention. It is said that reeducating is necessary and deep kiss is made suddenly.
Thoroughly inculcating it in the body is TOKYO HOT style. It tears up the panty by standing backing style and the hip with good shape is obstinately groped and it is licked after the bust is caressed from back.
Then the pussy is exposed in the open leg pose. The pussy that already getting wet enough and love juice pulls string is made finger fuck & careful liking service. The cock is inserted in the mouth and it is standing fellatio afterwards.

TOMOMI licks the cock from top to side deliberately. And, the cock is inserted by standing back posture. The joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes while she is poked at the woman on top and backward woman on top posture.
In addition, she is poked at the woman on top posture and violent oppose of TOMOMI is in vain and it is vaginal cum shot.
The next day, TOMOMI works miscellaneous duties in the office as usual but the failure is made again and she is angered by the director. Then, the president appears there.

Besides mistake of work, the president rages at the thing that TOMOMI wears clothes. Because working nakedly is basic of this company. The reeducating that the president also participated starts.
TOMOMI is bound both hands on the desk after she is made taking off clothes and gets the whole body fingered. She is made open leg pose after ear is licked and made deep kiss. Four men insert one finger by each in the vagina and pussy is enhanced.
Immediate aftermath, the test tube is inserted. The vagina wall where bubbling cloudiness joy juice adhered is exposed. Then, it is electric massage machine attack. The vibs toy is installed in the point of the massage machine.

The toy part is put in the vagina and the piston is done violently. The vibration of the massage machine is added and TOMOMI ejaculates and gushes the cloudiness joy juice.
After the fact, Cuzco is inserted and the vagina wall that does strange movement and an opening of uterus is exposed. Four cocks are thrown in to the mouth one after another and it is standing fellatio afterwards.
Then, she is made the emphatic suck of one man's cock and he ejaculates on the tongue of TOMOMI. The second shooting and the third shooting hit the interior of the throat directly and the expression of TOMOMI who seems to be painful is paid to attention.

TOMOMI drinks up the semen of the intraoral and even all semen that adhere to the hand are licked. Reeducating continues and the following are fucking at the missionary posture.
The cock is deeply buried at the bending, side and back posture and she ejaculates. TOMOMI faints in agony to the shame play that the pussy is expanded from the back at the M-leg woman on top posture and the piston is done.
And it is vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture. The second cock is inserted at back posture at once and semen is injected. The third cock is inserted in the pussy that greatly opened and a large amount of semen is injected again.

Immediate aftermath, vagina is violently stirred by the finger and it is female ejaculation. It is a mass spout as a sheet is soaked. However, the reeducating doesn't end though it is tired out TOMOMI.
The following are reeducating by all employees. Men discharge semen into TOMOMI of the open leg pose one after another.
The cock is inserted in the pussy immediately after it ejaculates in the vicinity of the mons pubis and even the pubic hair was made dirty. It is the devil plays that the semen of the remainder inject into the vagina.

In addition, semen is concurrently poured on the face. The appearance which TOMOMI who is poured seven cum shot into the pussy & 11 cum shot on the face and was made dirty seriously revolted is excited very much.
Immediate aftermath, finger fuck is made and she ejaculates with female ejaculation. The president's judgment is severe and she is sentenced to the dismissal there and requested to leave office though it is TOMOMI who receives a hard reeducating.
Monstrosity that makes her return only by lingerie with the state that she was polluted a pussy and a face with semen at the end is exactly TOKYO HOT as expected.


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