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(Aya Nishikawa) The Semen Flash


n0283 2007/12/14
Aya Nishikawa
The Semen Flash

The things that admission to a school by unfair means and get a job through connections are never disappear. Though feelings are understood, it is oneself that has a hard time after all when coming in the place far apart from ability.
Slender beautiful slut AYA NISHIKAWA is a new announcer of the TOKYO HOT Television. Ability shortage is clear though she was possible to become an announcer because of backup of the director of a bureau.
Additionally, there is a large happening while live broadcasting. Electric wave Jack is done by the burglar who intrudes into to the studio and AYA is fucked by all members in the bureau after all.

Please enjoy the appearance that new slut announcer is insulted and reduced to the meat urinal. At the beginning, it is a fellatio scene. AYA who was able to become a girl announcer by director of a bureau's sucks cock with submission.
She holds to the interior of the throat in one's mouth and serves hard. However, the left news manuscript cannot be neatly read by being strained and collection stops many times. AYA has caressed body by the director in order to make relax.
The panty and stocking are taken off and the pussy is stimulated with the rotor toy. Then, vibs toy is inserted by standing backing pose. In addition, news is read in the state. Next, the cock is thrown into the mouth and it is standing fellatio.

The head is suppressed and the piston is done violently and the cock is inserted at standing back posture. The cock is deeply inserted many times at the woman on top, backward woman on top, missionary and bending posture and AYA faints in agony.
And it is vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture. Then next cock is inserted at missionary posture without the interval that semen flows backward. Finally AYA is tired out for the four continues vaginal cum shot.
Then, the medicine that time of the tongue is improved is prepared for AYA. Men splash the semen in presence of AYA. AYA collects five in total worth of semen by the tongue in the scooping mouth at cum shot.

And, everything is vomited, inhaled into the mouth again, and drunk up at the end. The scene is changed and it is close up of the evil-looking man.
It is a man who prepared it so that the director of a bureau with AYA who doesn't have usage due to ability shortage may have her perform to the back channel of the erotic specialty.
The scenario that a man impersonates to the burglar and intrudes into to the studio and fuck AYA is schemed. AYA who doesn't know anything reads out the news manuscript as usual and "News flash" that the burglar is escaping jumps into there.

Immediately after AYA nervously having asked resident in the vicinity of telling for attention news flash, a man who resembles burglar's characteristic closely intrudes into to the studio. The burglar approach AYA and begins to caress her body.
In addition, it is urged by the burglar and staff also participate caress of her body. AYA is made taking off clothes and the pussy is exposed by an open leg pose. Then, it is standing fellatio after finger fuck & careful licking service.
AYA surrounded by six cocks corresponds hard with hand job service and the sucking. And then cock inserts at the missionary posture. In the next backward woman on top posture, AYA gets the acme while cock buried.

The first vaginal cum shot is made side posture. Immediate aftermath, the cock is inserted at missionary posture.
The piston is violently done at the bending and M-leg woman on top posture and the second vaginal cum shot is made at the woman on top posture. The cock is immediately inserted at the missionary posture.
Afterwards insertion and vaginal cum shot are repeated and continuous six semen is injected. The ostium of the vagina opens by total eight continuous vaginal cum shot and labia meat is enlarged.

In the next, the all staff in the bureau and cock immediately before the ejaculation is inserted in the pussy of AYA of lift hip up pose and made vaginal cum shot. It is the villainy play into which semen of total 11 is poured in vagina.
After the fact, the scene which labia meat is completely transformed and opened, and turn to the direction of right and left is pitiful. Then, pussy made dirty by semen in the open leg pose is turned to the camera and she greets it.
The appearance that the pussy flows backward in bubble semen with obscene sound is exposed to the viewer in the whole country. AYA is cheated to become the announcer and fucked in the bureau.

The TOKYO HOT Television procures the meat urinal for the erotic program by this way. A lot of women including AYA have broken the dream to become announcer and sink to The Semen Flash.
Though there are making meat urinal go to the provinces for the tour, and the guest seems to gather in hurry as a former announcer.


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