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(Chizuru Yokokawa) The Insult


n0284 2007/12/18
Chizuru Yokokawa
The Insult

Even if the bullied child changes school and an unpopular person put on expensive clothes, child is still bullied and popularity doesn't go out after all.
It is very difficult to change circumstances. CHIZURU YOKOKAWA of office lady is an owner with slender limbs and attractive beauty leg. There is the dark past insulted by superiors in the background though she changed her job this time.
However, CHIZURU is insulted after all by the office that changed her job. The foreigner's cannon cock attack mercilessly to the pussy that greatly opened.

Please enjoy the sublime insulting. CHIZURU who is insulted by superior's foreigners in the previous company and has changed her job is talked by the president while working.
The president is acquainted of the foreigners and planning to insult CHIZURU immediately. CHIZURU is made taking off clothes suddenly and after she is made deep kiss, gets the pussy fingered in the open leg pose.
And then, it is rotor toy attack. The clitoris is violently stimulated and the lower half of the body goes into convulsions, and she got the acme. It gets excited by the appearance to try to conceal pussy by the hand shamefully at the moment.

It is the hard piston is made at the next vibs toy attack. Then Cuzco is inserted after the test tube is inserted in the pussy that widely opened and a wet vagina wall by the joy juice is exposed. In addition, even the opening of uterus is made exposed.
The disgusting past in the previous company is in the mind of insulted CHIZURU. She called by foreigner's superiors is made taking off clothes suddenly and is made open leg.
The cock is thrown into the mouth after violent finger fuck and it is standing fellatio. Foreigner's cannon cock close the mouth and CHIZURU has a fit of coughing many times and is made to suck while suffering.

However, cock is inserted at the backward woman on top posture after three cocks are licked at the same time mercilessly.
The spectacle that vagina meat is got rolled up to the outside by the violent piston of cannon cock at the back and missionary posture is obscene. And it is vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture.
Immediate aftermath, second cock is inserted and a large amount of semen is injected at missionary posture. The pussy is already become muddy by the semen.

The third cock is immediately inserted at the back posture and vaginal cum shot is made at the missionary posture.
However, insult was not only that. All employees gather after the foreigner superiors return, CHIZURU who falls down tired out is suppressed, and the pussy is opened greatly.
And, the cock immediately before the ejaculation is inserted in the pussy and injects the semen. It is continues vaginal cum shot of villainy.

There is some employee who inserts the cock into vagina and pours all the semen of the remainder, too after he ejaculates in the Mons pubis. The pussy where a large amount of semen of 14 totals is poured extends greatly and is tragic.
Though CHIZURU offers the retirement at that time and changed her job to a present company 鐓


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