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(Hitomi Nishikawa) The 30 cum shooter


n0285 2007/12/21
Hitomi Nishikawa
The 30 cum shooter

It is not limited to the animal and the same thing also in the human society that man fights mutually to get the slut. If it is the super slut, the fight is keener.
The fight breaks out between fans though the nymph HITOMI NISHIKAWA is the housemaid idols who hold a lot of fans. HITOMI is delighted to see the appearances of men who are scrambling for herself.
However, it was a scary trap of the TOKYO HOT style said the thorough bully while she relaxed one's guard against feelings of goodness.

Is NISHIKAWA faintly and ego a collapse by the continuous 30 vaginal cum shot of angry waves?? At the beginning, it scrambles for HITOMI and the fight over two groups breaks out between fans.
They do not give away each other that it is them to mark down her in advance. It falls though it is HITOMI who tries to be reconciled. She reports on the thing to the associating producer in the middle of lewdness on that night.
HITOMI begins to finger man's cock in the place in which she became feelings that may recognize her popularity again and starts fellatio. The image of HAMEDORI style that caught by man's line of vision continues.

The tongue is gradually licked up from fellatio to nipple. After rubbing the cock against the pussy, it inserts at the woman on top posture and vaginal cum shot is made immediately at the M-leg woman on top posture.
The following scene is a social gathering of HITOMI with fan. However, only one of groups is gathered. HITOMI permitted to touch the body with the promise that there are not lascivious things. Fans massage the shoulder of HITOMI and massage her leg.
However, the nipple is stimulated from clothes and toe & finger are licked and she gradually feels it. And, the panty and stocking are taken off and she is made careful licking service.

HITOMI who has been felt lays ten men down nakedly and rolls in the stark-naked. HITOMI makes merry to suck and hand job service the cock while rolling on the men meat mattress.
And, the cock is inserted in the pussy of HITOMI who making fellatio by six nine pose at the back posture. The devil plays that the insertion and vaginal cum shot is made repeatedly starts.
The cock is thrown in one after another at the backward woman on top, woman on top, missionary and bending posture and it is vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture. Then, second cock is inserted at once and semen is injected into the pussy.

Ten continuous vaginal cum shot are made though HITOMI worries about the pregnancy and violently opposes. At the last, her pussy became muddy with semen by the merciless vaginal cum shot.
And the next scene, other group knows the thing that HITOMI is made vaginal cum shot and rages. HITOMI doesn't allow to say whether she likes it or not and pushing in the cock into the mouth at the standing fellatio pose.
In addition, she is surrounded by men and many cocks try to be thrown in to the mouth. Men drive recklessly further though she corresponds desperately by the sucking and hand job service.

HITOMI is push down in the mat and the cock is inserted at the bending posture. The joy juice that becomes cloudy personally gushes. A small amount of love juice drips and is thrown while inserted by M-leg woman on top posture after backing.
And it is the continuous vaginal cum shot after shifted to missionary posture. The labia meat is enlarged to continuous nine vaginal cum shot.
HITOMI blown a large amount of love juice while cock is inserted into the vagina where already drenched at the ninth piston. The spectacle that love juice spouts with a violent piston simultaneously is a masterpiece.

Immediate aftermath, men of the other group also join. She is an already lift hip up pose though it is HITOMI who knew that the fight was a lie and semen is poured on the pussy that greatly open one after another.
Immediately after ejaculation surrounding of pussy, it inserts in the vagina. It is villainy play to begin to squeeze the semen of the remainder in the vagina. The spilling semen is pushed into the pussy by the finger.
A cock is inserted with a posture as it is. After the pussy is stirred with a violent piston and semen of vagina shake, it is the final vaginal cum shot.

Immediate aftermath, she is hold in his arms and made finger fuck, then the love juice and the compound liquid of semen are spouted. After the fact, HITOMI is mentally and physically destroyed, and lies down in the mat.
Villainy that insults such a nymph here is deeply impressed. Though it is HITOMI who extremely worried about the pregnancy, if a large amount of semen like this is poured into vagina, it will not understand whose child it is. Oh my God!!


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