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(Yuka Yasuhara) The Teacher and Pupil


n0286 2007/12/25
Yuka Yasuhara
The Teacher and Pupil

It is story of teacher and pupil's love romances in this time. It is the themes that often taken up by the movie and the novel, etc. YUKA YASUHARA is a schoolgirl who loves her math teacher.
The appearance that sees teacher in class absorbedly seems a single-minded girl and is lovely. However, such pure love is a quick change to the insult drama when TOKYO HOT takes it.
After YUKA is trampled down the faint love, the body is devoured by the devils in the school and she is driven in. A good-looking teacher is only the things in the head of YUKA.

The content in the class is in the state in which it doesn't enter the ear at all and writing teacher's name is spelt in the note. However, taking advantage of pure feeling of such student girl is a way of TOKYO HOT.
The teacher who sympathized with feelings of YUKA conspires with other teachers and planed to fuck her.
Such a day at the time of which being, the teacher who is fall in love by YUKA shows up where YUKA who becomes unpleasant and takes a rest by uniform appearance of blazer in bed in health room.

Though teacher begins to caress body of YUKA with a state worrying about a student, teacher's purpose is only her body.
YUKA who is taken off the clothes and nipple was caressed is stimulated between groins from the panty and feels it gradually when wakes up. She is made finger fuck at the crawl on all fours and the joy juice blots further in a pussy that is already wet.
And, YUKA makes fellatio teacher's cock actively. After a polite fellatio, cock is inserted at the missionary posture. The joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes at the following bending posture.

The hard piston continues at the side, back and M-leg woman on top posture and the appearance to which the joy juice of the sticky material pulls the string in the uniting part is obscene. And then it is the vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture.
Next, the image scene is placed and it is the classroom of after school. YUKA sits on the desk with the school uniform and waits for her loved teacher. After YUKA is touched the body by the teacher who shows up there and masturbation is demanded.
Though YUKA dislikes it at the beginning, she is asked persistently and the panty is taken off and pussy is greatly opened by the open leg pose. Then it begins to stimulate the clitoris by the finger violently.

In addition, she keeps masturbating while licking the big vibs toy according to the teacher's demand. Then, she mounts the toy that put on the desk and it inserts in the pussy by woman on top posture.
She made the violent piston at the backward woman on top posture, too. After the uniting part is deliberately observed, she is blindfolded with the ribbon of the uniform.
Immediately after that, other teachers intrude into to the classroom and insult to YUKA starts. YUKA is made careful licking service while being fingered the nipple from the back in the open leg pose and it is standing fellatio after finger fuck.

Though men alternatively throw in the cock to the mouth one after another, YUKA believes that it is a favorite teacher because she is blindfolded. The blindfold is removed when YUKA is surrounded by three cocks and she astonished.
However,it is not possible to run away and she is requested to show the appearance fucking with other men from the teacher who believed. And, YUKA is inserted the cock one after another by standing backing and ejaculates.
Then YUKA moves to the bed and the piston is made continuously at the missionary, bending, side and back posture. In addition, the mouth is closed with the cock.

It gets excited by the spectacle that small pussy that well ordered poked deeply with hard piston. Then, it is the vaginal cum shot after backward woman on top and missionary posture.
The appearance that opposes against vaginal cum shot puts the spur on the men's reckless driving oppositely and the second cock is inserted at once. After it violently stimulates in the vagina, semen is injected.
Immediate aftermath, the third cock is inserted and vaginal cum shot is made again. The pussy becomes muddy by the semen. Students in the school gather in surroundings of YUKA while fucking is continued.

And, semen is splashed to the face of YUKA who is kept fucking. Total 11 facial cum shots are made to YUKA. Four shots are made near the chest and school uniform is stained. After the fact, YUKA cannot get up due to violent devil play.
Not only the body but also the mind seems to have collapsed in the thing cheated by the loved teacher. In addition, she is truancy by this insult. She will stay indoors in home.
However, emotional scars heal somehow as a result of treatment perseveringly and when come to being able to go to school little by little,
she goes mad to know the things that the animation that herself was fucked being used as the teaching materials in a special class related to the image and she stay indoors in home again.


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