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(Yuki Naito) The Meat Jar Doll


n0287 2007/12/28
Yuki Naito
The Meat Jar Doll

It is common that popular gravure idol decreases the work with swimming wear and to devote to actress business. However, the gravure idol who doesn't sell tends to head for an extreme direction as like hair nude and so on.
YUKI NAITO is a sexy beauty gravure idol who has attractive white skin. Though there is an element of which popularity goes out enough, she still cannot be popular. Then, this was a first step to the fall though a drastic image change was attempted.
An extreme image where the beauty idol falls into a mere meat jar doll is must see. At the beginning, it is the photo session of YUKI. However, gathered fans are only two people.

YUKI is directed to go in the erotic style in the future by the president at the review meeting after the photo session. YUKI who opposes for erotic consults the manager.
YUKI entrusted her body after YUKI who is impressed by gentleness of manager who kindly hears story kisses positively. Clothes are taken off and pussy is greatly opened by the open leg pose.
It is the beautiful pussy that meat labia are small and anal is also beautiful. She is made finger fuck while being groped the clitoris and the pussy is drenched. After the standing fellatio, fuck is starts at the missionary posture.

The joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes and it adheres to the cock at the bending and woman on top posture. And vaginal cum shot is made after M-leg woman on top, standing back and bending posture.
The spectacle which semen flows backward to ostium of the vagina is gone along in anal is obscene. However, the president hears this affair, and the manager is tied up.
The president rages further by the thing invited from YUKI and the sale in an extreme erotic way is decided. Training begins with staff in order to finish up YUKI in the erotic slut.

YUKI is tear the panty and stoking by the open leg pose and the pussy is exposed. After the clitoris is fingered, Cuzco is inserted and the opening of uterus is appeared. And then, finger fuck is made.
The nipple is stimulated with the double rotor toy at the same time. In addition, the toy is inserted in vagina hole. Next, the vibs toy is thrown in the vagina and she is made acme by the extreme vibration.
In the next, the thick vibs toy is inserted by the backing style. YUKI is stirred in the vagina and she is made acme again. Next, YUKI is made to walk to president by crawl on all fours and suck the cock as it is and begin the fellatio.

The camera is president's line of vision and an image of HAMEDORI taking style. YUKI is requested obscene fellatio. In addition, cock is led to the pussy by the hand of YUKI at the back style and fucking starts.
Disgrace play that voluntarily moves the waist and puts the cock in and out continues. And, they move to the mat and cock of three men is thrown in to the mouth one after another and it is standing fellatio.
Two cocks are pressed against the face while one is held in one's mouth. Then, cock is inserted at the missionary posture.

YUKI is poked hardly at the side, back, backward woman on top, missionary and bending posture and vaginal cum shot is made finally though she opposes it. Immediate aftermath, the second cock is inserted by side posture and vaginal cum shot is made again.
The labia meat that is rubbed violently is enlarged. Immediate aftermath, the third cock is inserted at the missionary posture and semen is injected after a strong piston.
Immediately after having pulled cock out once, it inserts again and all the semen of the remainder is poured. However, training continues still more. Men gather in surroundings of YUKI of the open leg pose and facial cum shot is made.

The face of YUKI becomes muddy by the total seven cum shots and she cannot open the eyes by a large amount of semen. Immediate aftermath, YUKI is made lift hip up pose. Men ejaculate around the pussy and insert the cock in the vagina.
Devil play to begin to squeeze semen of the remainder in vagina is made. The pussy is in the state of the bubble by the semen of total eight. In addition, vibs toy is inserted after the spilling semen is pushed by the finger.
YUKI is violently stirred in the vagina and goes into convulsions the whole body and got acme. Then it is the PISS SHOT. Immediately after YUKI having run in rest room, the door is opened and takes a picture of a full detail of urination.

Afterwards YUKI becomes a hit at a dash as a fucking idol of the beauty pussy. It is a state that the fan of several thousand people who wants fuck with her rush in to the photo session now.
In addition, the busy day that perform on adult video and so on are continued. However, exhaust of beauty pussy is severe by the fucking of every day and it is being examined to promote her as PISS SHOT idol in the future.


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