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(Saori Toda) The Saucy Slut


n0288 2008/01/01
Saori Toda
The Saucy Slut

A Happy New Year!! TOKYO HOT delivers the contents that should answer your expectation this year vigorously, too. Well, the first content at New Year is SAORI TODA of the campaign girl.
There is a minimum rule also in the world of the model of meritocracy. When the greeting and consideration for the staffs are negligent, a long-lived activity cannot be done even if very popular.
Tall slut SAORI of a preeminent style is new face campaign girl. Though SAORI is beautiful, she cannot make a straight greeting and make only a saucy attitude. SAORI who held such a person in derision should thoroughly strangle it.

It tears up pride to shreds by a violent insulting and the thing that she was a low animal was driven in.
Though SAORI who is selected campaign girl greets the president of the belonging office, she is saucy from beginning to end and shows neglectful behavior.
The smile is not shown at all. The president rages that it is not possible to put her out to the presence of others if she is shows behavior like this. ASORI will be reeducated by the president and two subordinates.

SAORI is suppressed both hands and gets the bust caressed. Though she opposes, the deep kiss is made violently and both hands are fixed with handcuffs and is made open leg pose on the sofa.
The panty and stocking are torn up and finger fuck is made at open leg pose. The joy juice that becomes cloudy is gushed. Then, cock is thrown in by the mouth and fellatio is made. The skilful fellatio continues.
And, the cock is inserted at the standing back posture. The pussy is personally drenched. A large amount of joy juice that becomes cloudy overflows.

After the pussy is expanded by the finger at the backward woman on top posture and the piston is done violently, fucking continue at the woman on top and missionary posture.
SAORI is deeply inserted the cock at the bending posture and ejaculates, and vaginal cum shot is made. Immediate aftermath, the pussy that greatly opened is stirred by the finger.
Next, it is mentioned that the sensitivity is important to act as a campaign girl, the pussy is checked. Both hands are fixed by the waist in crawl on all fours and stocking is tearing up. And, the vibs toy is inserted in the pussy that greatly opened.

After the piston is violently done, finger fuck is made by the open leg pose. In the next, rotor toy is pressed against the pussy and it is attacked at the same time with the electric massage machine and SAORI ejaculates loudly and got acme.
Then, Cuzco is inserted and the opening of uterus of immediately after having acme is exposed. Next, they move to the mat and cock is thrown in to the mouth one after another, and she is made standing fellatio.
Play that the double fellatio and 3 are licked at the same time is developed. SAORI cannot opposes it and she is a state of the remainder though is made to men. And cock is inserted at the missionary posture.

SAORI pants for a humiliating play as be made to expand the pussy by the finger voluntarily and is said an obscene word.
Then first vaginal cum shot is made at the M-leg backward woman top posture after violently poked at the backward woman on top and woman on top posture.
Semen doesn't flow backward from the ostium of the vagina in the state of greatly extending personally. The opening of uterus seems to have been injected deeply. Immediate aftermath, the second cock is inserted at the woman on top posture.

A large amount of thick cloudiness joy juice and the compound liquids of the backflow semen overflow in the vagina when the piston is violently repeated and vaginal cum shot is made. The third cock is immediately inserted at the back posture.
Semen is injected into the pussy to which labia meat is enlarged by the violent stimulation. The cock is inserted again after it pulls it out once and all semen is poured. However, reeducating continues.
Other employees also cooperate to inculcate courtesy to SAORI. Semen is poured on the pussy of SAORI who is suppressed by the open leg pose one after another. The cock is inserted in the vagina immediately after ejaculating in the part around the pussy.

The plays that ejaculate all the remaining semen in a vagina carry out. SAORI who is made dirty crotch by 14 cum shots violently opposes. However, the semen that spills from crotch and collected in the spill glass is poured in the vagina.
In addition, the fool state that excrete semen in the vagina while making an obscene sound is shown. After this, SAORI is trained as an obedient slut and debuts as a campaign girl and she is acting well now.
If there is person who is having a problem with the actress and the talent who saucily misunderstood, please contact TOKYO HOT. Woman's attitude is immediately made to be changed.
It is not a hindrance in the show business though pussy might be extended greatly.


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