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(Makoto Nanjo) The Meat Urinal


n0289 2008/01/04
Makoto Nanjo
The Meat Urinal

There is no existence that gets angry in a saucier woman superior. If it is particular about a careful thing even if it scolds a subordinate immediately, it is the worst.
MAKOTO NANJO who has the attractive slender body is a career office lady of the section chief. MAKOTO scolds her subordinates with a slow work always severely.
However, such an outrageous woman is a quick change for the obedient slave if she hangs in the hand of the TOKYO HOT. It is thoroughly bullied and trains violently for the beautiful woman and sadistic superior who likes to serve to man.

It finished her up in meat urinal that was able to use the pussy and anal. At the beginning, it is the scene of office. When subordinate's men's work is slow, MAKOTO of section chief' is abusing them.
The stress is accumulated in a thing not advanced according to the desire by work. The reducing stress of such MAKOTO is SM club after working. Today, she begins play immediately with new figure's masochist man.
He is made to sit and the nipple is picked up violently from the back after a man who blindfolds and crawls in crawl on all fours is trampled down by the foot and beat with the rope many times.

Afterwards, when the blindfold is removed, the man is her subordinate. The service play is immediately demanded though she is surprised momentarily. First of all, the leg is licked over the stocking.
In addition, she sits on a chair by the stark-naked and made the open leg pose. MAKOTO expanded her pussy by the finger and requested careful licking service. After this, she sucks the cock and made skillful fellatio.
And, the cock is voluntarily led to the pussy and it inserts at the woman on top posture. The hard piston is continue at the M-leg woman on top, backward woman on top, back and missionary posture and vaginal cum shot is made at the bending posture at the

The ostium of the vagina opens greatly. The other day, MAKOTO is called by the president. The president knows woman's SM club commuting, and begins to finger her body immediately.
It is necessary reasonable play for an abnormal woman, president begun to insult her with two subordinates. MAKOTO is tearing stocking up immediately and panty is taken off as well.
After the vibs toy with wart is thrown in to the mouth, two cylinder shape toys are inserted in the pussy and it is thrown in to anal at the same time.

In the next, vibs toy is inserted in anal and also thick vibs toy is inserted in the pussy and the piston is done violently. Next, it is simultaneous vibs toy attack to the pussy and anal after hips are spanked at the crawl on all fours.
In addition, the mouth is closed with the cock as well. And, they move to president's play room. She pants for a finger fuck from the back in the state that both hands were bound and the woman was hung from the ceiling.
And, the cock is inserted by standing back posture. One leg is lifted and the piston is done violently. After the cock is inserted one after another, they move to the bed and MAKOTO is fucked at the missionary posture.

And the cock is inserted to the anal after the bending posture and an obscene sound leaks when inserting it. In addition, finger fuck is made while being anus fuck at side posture.
In the next, anal is skewered at M-leg backward woman on top posture and the cock is inserted also in the pussy at the same time. MAKOTO ejaculates for simultaneous two hole fucking.
Next, the cock is inserted into anal at the back posture with the cock buried under the pussy at the woman on top posture. In addition, the cock is thrown in also to the mouth and simultaneous three hole fucking is made.

Then, first vaginal cum shot is made at the woman on top posture. The second cock is inserted immediately at the back posture and vaginal cum shot is made. Immediate aftermath, third cock inserts at the missionary posture.
After cock is deeply inserted and poked violently, semen is injected. It seem that MAKOTO is already limited by consecutive vaginal cum shot, she utters the gasp voice that is not ordinary that seems to howl.
Immediate after that, forth cock inserted at the missionary posture. The cock pulled out from the pussy is inserted in anal on the way. It is violently poked at the bending posture and she ejaculates loudly.

And semen is finally injected into anal. Then, all the employees gather to drive MAKOTO more. Men made continuous cum shot to the pussy and anus of MAKOTO who is made lift hip up pose. MAKOTO is poured total 15 cum shots at the last.
The spilling semen is pushed into in the vagina and anal by the finger. Immediate aftermath, she is hold in his arms and made to excrete semen. A large amount of semen is spouted with an obscene sound.
MAKOTO is assigned to the lavatory section after this. The lavatory section is closed due to expenses reduction and she is dismissed though she repeats service to the cock every day.
In this moment, she is becomes objet of meat urinal and it is put on in-house, and semen is poured every day.


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