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(Misa Yosano) The Meat Slave


n0290 2008/01/08
Misa Yosano
The Meat Slave

There is a sexual harassment in reverse that the woman approaches a man while an increase in sexual harassment becomes a problem, too.
In that case, there are a lot of cases which there are some kind of plots as a woman takes money away from a man under pretense of love. MISA YOSANO who has the attractive glamour body is a female college student with dynamite tits.
A credit is not enough due to MISA has played much and she plan to get a credit from a professor under pretense of love. However, she does not get so well.

It is fingered with the body by insulting exhaustively after she having been played her dynamite tits, and the last was diminished to a meat slave. MISA is chatting with the boyfriend and the three friends at home.
MISA who is in a half naked state is stimulated between crotches and is attacked after she is played body by boyfriend. The pussy is opened greatly by the open leg pose and finger fuck is made.
Next, boyfriend's friend also joins and careful licking service beginning. And, MISA suck the boyfriend's cock and begins fellatio. Afterwards, she sucked another cock while she rubbing cock by her dynamite tits.

And then cock inserts at the missionary posture. The piston is continuing at the bending, back and missionary posture and vaginal cum shot is made at the last.
The second cock is immediately inserted in the pussy that makes semen flow backward while doing obscene movement. And second vaginal cum shot is made after she poked at the back, missionary and bending posture.
After the fact, MISA consults the boyfriend about the thing for which the credit of one subject is insufficient. MISA is directed to get the credit from the professor under pretense of love.

The professor is already a fuddle though MISA visits professor's home immediately. When she sticks a body to professor and pleads, the professor consents to keep company at his hobby in a condition.
MISA is fixed suddenly by the open leg pose on the desk and restricted in the state to expose the pussy.
Cuzco is inserted after the clitoris is stimulated with the rotor toy and the joy juice that becomes cloudy is an adhering inside in the vagina wall is exposed. And, men are called instead of the professor who gets dead drunk and doesn't erect.

Men throw in the cock one after another to pussy of MISA who cannot move by being bound and do the piston violently. She is stirred in the vagina, and semen is injected in the vagina in addition.
MISA who was poured semen of total three continuously seriously dislikes and ejaculates. After the fact, MISA is directed to coming to the laboratory tomorrow by the professor and finally liberated.
The image scene of MISA who put on a black dress continues. It is naked men that waited for MISA in the laboratory the next day. They are keeping silent though MISA doesn't understand the meaning and talk to men.

Moreover, she is suppressed by men and is put on the desk. The panty is tearing up at the crawl on all fours and hips are spanked. Clothes are taken off in the next and she is made open leg pose with a stark-naked.
MISA is strongly suppressed and the vibs toy is inserted in the pussy though MISA felt horror for the men who lick whole body from beginning to end silently and opposes many times.
After this, she is stimulated pussy with the electric massage machine and violently writhes. However, MISA is suppressed and ejaculates for the insertion of vibs toy at the crawl on all fours and is made acme.

Afterwards standing fellatio is made for three cocks one after another. Three cocks are licked at the same time. Then it is fucking time, cock is inserted in at the missionary posture.
The piston is made at the bending, side and back posture and the mouth is closed with the cock at the same time, and first vaginal cum shot is made after M-leg woman on top and woman on top posture.
A large amount of semen flows out as soon as the cock was pulled out. The second cock inserted at once and it is vaginal cum shot. The third cock is inserted at the missionary posture.

And then semen is injected at bending posture while showing off the spectacle that semen flows backward from the pussy at the piston.
Immediate aftermath, MISA gets both hands fixed with handcuffs and one sheet of paper that is written the slave is put on the body. The cock is inserted further to MISA who became a slave and fucking continues.
And the last is PISS SHOT. A large amount of urine that becomes impure yellow is excreted from the pussy that greatly opened of MISA who squats down. After this, she is breeding as slave meanwhile vaginal cum shot is repeated as a research material.
In the report association of the academic society of vaginal cum shot, she goes with the professor and demonstrated vaginal cum shot.
The example that appearance of pussy that collapses by violent fucking was recorded in detail attracts the researcher's attention all over the world.


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