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(Kyoko Takigawa) The Pitiful Cabin Attendant


n0292 2008/01/15
Kyoko Takigawa
The Pitiful Cabin Attendant

The number of wicked doctors who made a patient sleep with medicine and go into mischief, and sell the trader the image of the group medical examination which is taken by hide camera has increased.
It may be said that it is a serious thing to find the reliable doctor with a reliable arm. KYOKO TAKIGAWA is cabin attendant in active service. She is slender and an owner with the body of a preeminent style.
Though she is looked after the decayed tooth with the dentist introduced by the captain but there is an unexpected villainy hospital. The hell that the body was devoured after pussy was thoroughly bullied waited on the pretext of medical treatment.

At the beginning, it is an appearance of KYOKO who walks on the road toward dentist. She is such a good woman as anyone is looking back. Treatment is begun as soon as arrived at the hospital.
The doctor who is younger brother says that the tongue of KYOKO who sits on the consultation seat will be washed and made deep kiss immediately. KYOKO is suppressed by the assistant though she opposes.
In addition, the brassiere is taken off and the nipple is licked violently. In the next, the panty & stocking are taken off and careful licking service is made at the open leg pose.

After the pussy is expanded with apparatus and the inside is exposed, it is finger fuck. And, it is said that it is a fast acting medicine for the decayed tooth and the cock is thrown in to the pussy.
In addition, assistant's cock is thrown in the mouth and fellatio is made. The piston is continuing at the missionary, bending, back, side, M-leg woman on top and woman on top posture after moving mat.
And vaginal cum shot is made at the missionary posture while KYOKO was opposing it. Immediate aftermath, semen is raked out by the finger. The second cock is inserted immediately and vaginal cum shot is made again.

After the fact, the pussy in the state of greatly opening is obscene. In addition, KYOKO expands the leg and straddles by the standing pose is made to excrete semen by the standing pose.
In the next, the image scene is placed and the captain comes to KYOKO who sits on the sofa by the uniform appearance. KYOKO is threatened to expose the thing that made vaginal cum shot by dentist to the company and is requested to offer the body.
Then panty and stocking are taken off after the body is groped by the standing pose and deep kiss is made. The sub-captain also joins and she is an open leg pose. Labia meat is picked with chopsticks after the pussy is greatly expanded with the toy.

And, the clitoris is violently stimulated with the rotor toy, and she got the acme while the whole body goes into convulsions.
Next, the massage machine of the original of TOKYO HOT from which vibs toy is installed in the vibration part in the point appears. The vibration part is thrown in to the pussy at standing backing style.
The vibration of the massage machine starts and KYOKO faints in agony at the same time and she is made acme again. Men get more excited by the appearance of KYOKO who gets acme many times and cock is thrown in to mouth of KYOKO at standing pose.

KYOKO is suppressed the head and gets to push cock in the interior of the throat. After two cocks are alternately held in one's mouth, two cock are sucked at the same time.
Then, it moves to the mat and the cock is inserted in the pussy at the bending posture. It gets excited by the expression of KYOKO who is inserted in interior of vagina deeply and to suffer.
The piston is continuing at the M-leg backward woman on top and M-leg woman on top posture. The labia meat that gets twisted to the cock at the piston is obscene. And, the pussy is violently stirred at the bending posture and semen is injected.

Immediate aftermath, the second cock is inserted. The semen that began to be oozed out in the ostium of the vagina is pushed back again in the vagina. And it is vaginal cum shot while KYOKO is opposing violently.
After the fact, the pussy in the state of greatly extending is miserable. Then, mechanics are gathered. The body offer is demanded from KYOKO to show one's appreciation by using these chances for mechanics have usually indebted.
Men made cum shot one after another to the pussy of KYOKO of the lift hip up pose. The semen of total 13 is poured and the pussy is become muddy. The spilling semen is pushed by the finger.

KYOKO hates seriously it and keeps a displeased expression from beginning to end. Immediate aftermath, KYOKO is hold in his arms and semen is excreted.
Semen flows backward with an obscene sound. After this, special a chartered flight that made vaginal cum shot to pussy of KYOKO as passenger likes goes into service by the captain's proposal.
The passenger doubles, and the captain is promoted by the achievement. However, KYOKO seemed to collapse the pussy and to have been throwing away at the passage destination.


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