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(Hiromi Yoshizawa) The Foolish College Slut


n0293 2008/01/18
Hiromi Yoshizawa
The Foolish College Slut

The number of job offer is increasing tendencies along with good of a recent corporate performance. It is heard that the prime firm has expanded the adoption frame to finding employment that was the narrow gate of the college woman.
HIROMI YOSHIZAWA of cute college girl loves lewdness and seems foolish slut. Her target is career woman. There is limit to know her place. It will affect negatively in the future of Japan if it is leaving such bottomless foolish woman.
Her body is made a mock by insulting of TOKYO HOT and disgrace damage was given to the mind and body. At the beginning, HIROMI has drunk sake with two boyfriends and enjoying so much. They got drank and start 3P play naturally.

She is made finger fuck by the open leg pose after the panty & stocking are taken off and is made careful licking service by the standing pose. The pant voice gradually grows and pussy is also getting wet.
In the next, two cocks are alternately sucked at the standing fellatio play. The ball bag is also politely sucked after double fellatio. And, the cock is inserted at the woman on top posture.
The piston is violently made at the backward woman on top and back posture and she ejaculates greatly. Anal which is slightly opening is also obscene. Then semen is injected at missionary posture though HIROMI dislikes vaginal cum shot.

The second cock is personally inserted at the missionary posture and vaginal cum shot is made again. Her pussy was got muddy by the semen that flow backward.
After the fact, HIROMI make up her mind and declared that she becomes career woman after graduates. The image scene of the wearing a suit continues. And, it is the interview scene at the company.
Though the question concerning common sense is made but she is hardly answered. However, the determination to become the career woman of the person herself is firm.

As a result, HIROMI who has the motivation more than others though she is foolish is employed as sexual desire processing section work.
At the first day of working, HIROMI who mixes with seniors who work busily doesn't understand what she should do is only sitting on the desk. Then, the president appears there and he said that work will be inculcated from the basic and approaches HIROMI.
And clothes are suddenly taken off. It is made taking off the panty & stocking and the pussy is opened greatly by the open leg pose though HIROMI opposes. In addition, it is finger fuck & clitoris attack.

In continue, clitoris is stimulated with the rotor toy. The clitoris is violently fingered and she is made acme while getting wet pussy. And then, vibs toy is inserted. HIROMI is stirred in the vagina and ejaculates, and she is made acme again.
Next, it is said that a good usage of the mouth is necessary for career woman?@and the cock is thrown in and standing fellatio is made. Also it is said that it is important to gain the career of the pussy, the cock is inserted by standing back posture.
Colleagues who are accumulated the sexual desire also participate in insulting. HIROMI is pushed down in the mat and inserted one after another.

Piston is continued at the missionary, bending and woman on top posture, and the close up scene that cock deeply inserted at the back posture is a superb view.
Anal that goes into convulsions and pussy that labia meat is enlarged by the violent piston is so obscene. In addition, men admonish HIROMI as career will be gain as much as get vaginal cum shot and continuous vaginal cum shot of villainy is executed.
The seven continues vaginal cum shot is made one after another at the missionary posture. HIROMI violently opposes and ejaculates while struggles. The pussy is the slack shrinkage in order to flow backward semen whenever vaginal cum shot is made.

However, the following cock is inserted before all semen is exhausted completely and it is stirred many times. And, the movement of the ostium of the vagina stops finally. The pussy is in the state of keep opening greatly.
The spectacle to which a cute face is distorted in ugliness like another person by painful of continues vaginal cum shot and the disgrace is must see.
However, insulting continues still more. All employees gather in order to get rid of the sexual desire by the body of HIROMI. Men pour semen one after another on face and head of HIROMI. In addition, cock after it ejaculates is rubbed against the face.

The hair and face of HIROMI are became muddy by receiving 10 facial cum shot and 4 cum shot on the hair. In addition, it is painted on the hair and the all over the face. It is a gesture like foolishness in the last.
The spirit seems to have collapsed. It is sure to become career woman of the wish, if she gains the career in the sexual desire processing section that undertakes work single-handed.
However, the slump of the pussy has been appealed up to now by the work of several days after all women join a company and is driven in to the retirement.


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