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(Mika Yazaki) The Fucking Toy


n0295 2008/01/25
Mika Yazaki
The Fucking Toy

Though copulation is started immediately after courtship in animal's world, man spends some time to make love after o courtship. Why is time spent so much on making love to the woman?? The TOKYO HOT get rid of your such resentment in this time.
MIKA YAZAKI who thickly hangs erotic pheromone in the air is a female teacher. The body is also attractive. MIKA is confessed by the colleague and refuses saucily at once. Such a joking woman should trap to the hell.
The devils brute concentrated to drive in MIKA to the predicament. MIKA who was called by the fellow teacher and confessed personally refuses it. However, a man who cannot consent loses his temper. He begins to grope body of MIKA with another teacher.

MIKA is made deep kiss at the standing pose and beauty tits is disclosed. It tears up the stocking and finger fuck is made at standing pose while pussy & anal is opened greatly.
Then, it is finger fuck and careful licking service at the open leg pose, and moreover it is standing fellatio. Then the cock is inserted at standing back posture after the cock is thrown in the mouth one after another.
MIKA is been poked at the M-leg backward woman on top and woman on top posture and the joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes. In the next, it is standing posture.

The angle from the under that close up photographed a pussy that is thrust by cock is obscene. And it is vaginal cum shot while MIKA opposes it. The pussy flow backward semen while doing the slack shrinkage.
Next, it is the scene of the class at the classroom following the image scene in the suit of the pink color. After the class ends, MIKA is surrounded by students. The student was looking at a whole scene of vaginal cum shot.
Students demand body of MIKA as condition that the thing not made public. After MIKA is made taking off the panty & stocking, she is hold in his arms by the open leg pose and careful licking service is made.

And, MIKA is push down to the mat and finger fuck is made by the open leg pose. In addition, after labia meat and clitoris are picked up with chopsticks, it is attacked with the vibs toy.
Then the clitoris is stimulated with another vibs toy while the vibs toy inserted in the pussy and MIKA ejaculates much.
Next, it is finger fuck while being stimulated the clitoris with the electric massage machine and she got acme while splashing love juice. It is obstinately stirred by the finger in the vagina afterwards and love juice is spouted many times.

Immediate aftermath, the test tube is inserted. After a wet vagina wall in the joy juice is made exposed, Cuzco is inserted and the opening of uterus is exposed, too. And, four cocks are sucked one after another.
MIKA is suppressed the head and cock is thrown in to the interior of the throat and she is sucking it while suffering. Next, they move to the mat and the cock is inserted.
She is poked at the missionary, bending, back, M-leg woman on top, side and backward woman on top posture. MIKA who was thrown in cock one after another at various postures loose the power to oppose and it is state of what they want to do.

And then it is first vaginal cum shot is made at the missionary posture. Immediate aftermath, second cock is inserted and injected semen at the back posture. In addition, third cock is inserted after that and vaginal cum shot is made.
Forth cock is also inserted at once and it is vaginal cum shot naturally. Her pussy was become muddy by semen. In addition, other students gather, too and surrounds around of MIKA of the open leg pose.
Men insert cock in the pussy immediately after ejaculating in the Mons pubis. It begins to squeeze the semen of the remainder in the vagina. Men drive recklessly on the way.

The cock immediately before the ejaculation is suddenly inserted in the pussy and the ejaculation in the vagina of villainy is forced. Total 13 cum shot is made into the pussy at the last. Also tow cum shots is poured on the beauty tits at the same time.
Immediate aftermath, a drenched pussy in the semen is stirred by the finger and love juice is splashed many times. The spectacle that is a large quantity of joy juice blows up whenever finger fuck is made to be interesting is the masterpiece.
And then it is two continues PISS SHOT. The pussy is voluntarily expanded and it standing urinates.

The second excretion from the platform is a large amount of urine as even own is not believed gushes out in the excretion like the waterfall and MIKA feels shy seriously.
MIKA who became a fucking toy makes fuck to students without fail during the lesson. Therefore, the truancy and the delinquency disappear completely and prospective students also rush in. At the welcome ceremony in this year,
feelings of the welcome were expressed by the performance of a large amount of urination after MIKA is gushes love juice in front of all the pupils and parents following principal's address.


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