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(Tomomi Nonomura) Go to Hell !!


n0296 2008/01/29
Tomomi Nonomura
Go to Hell !!

The teacher is one of the occupations that the difference between men and women is comparatively small in pay and the promotion. Therefore it is said that with a few mistresses quitting work by marriage and the pregnancy.
TOMOMI NONOMURA is a female teacher with sensual body. The bust to which elasticity is abundant is attractive. A selfish action in the state of leaving pupils is not permitted at all though the marriage retirement is determined.
The body was made a laughingstock and sent off to hell by the farewell party of the TOKYO HOT Style. At the beginning, it is the mathematics in class.

TOMOMI is troubled with lack of one's leadership at the same time though I abuse the students who are not answered for a question.
When the cohabiting boyfriend proposes suddenly and the marriage retirement is pressed after she comes home, Tomomi is very pleased. And, she is made deep kiss and clothes are taken off.
The panty and stocking are taken off and she is made the open leg pose. He made a careful licking service violently for beauty pussy. And then, cock is sucked and fellatio begins.

It is polite fellatio that gently wraps the entire cock from the point of cock. And cock is inserted at the missionary posture. After TOMOMI is violently poked at the banding and back posture, it is the vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture.
The backflow semen is oozed out in the ostium of the vagina. At the continuing scene, TOMOMI gladly reports on the marriage retirement to students before start the lesson. TOMOMI repotted that she will leave the school in one week time.
However, TOMOMI has one thing that made anxious her. The body relation to the head teacher continued from when she comes to school.

Though it is Tomomi who attempted a lot of convenience by offering the body, she informs a vice-principal that she want to put an end to relations taking advantage of resignation. The head teacher approves it but requested her body one more time.
After TOMOMI is made taking off clothes and the nipple is fingered, hips are had in the spank by standing backing pose. In addition, the panty is taken off by the standing pose and love juice is splashed by violent finger fuck.
And then TOMOMI voluntarily sits astride over the vibs toy fixed on the desk according to the head teacher's instruction and inserts it in the pussy. TOMOMI shakes her waist disagreeable.

In the next, she sucked vibs toy by her vagina at the back style and put in and out it violently. It is obscene shape of the anal full view. Furthermore, the teacher of the fellow worker participates in playing with the body of TOMOMI.
They throw in the cock to mouth of TOMOMI who was thrust vibs toy into pussy by standing back pose one after another and requested fellatio.
Next, the colleague teachers launch semen one after another to the vibs toy that is just taken out from the vagina and put on the desk.

TOMOMI is making suck its vibs toy that made muddy by semen and the semen that spills on the desk is politely scooped by the tongue.
The appearance which TOMOMI comes to feel sick and have a coughing fit in the semen which collected at the mouth on the way is obscenity.
Immediate aftermath, head teacher's cock is thrown in to the mouth and she is made fellatio and ball bag is politely sucked, too. Then, cock is inserted at the woman on top posture, TOMOMI pants violently and the joy juice that becomes cloudy is gushed.

The vaginal cum shot is made after she was poked at the backward woman on top, standing back and missionary posture.
It is regrettable of the separation with the beautiful woman teacher and a lot of students gather on the way, and the appearance from which TOMOMI is fucked is observed. TOMOMI tastes the disgrace that get vaginal cum shot in front of students.
In addition, students who get excited attack TOMOMI and insert the cock. And made vaginal cum shot at the M-leg backward woman on top posture after enjoy the fuck at the missionary and side posture.

The second cock is inserted at once and vaginal cum shot is made. In addition, third cock is inserted at the missionary posture and vaginal cum shot is made again mercilessly.
The fourth cock is inserted in the ostium of the vagina that opened greatly and is made dirty by semen in ugliness and vaginal cum shot is made at the missionary posture.
Students are gathering one after another after this and made continues facial cum shot to TOMOMI. The face of TOMOMI is made muddy by nine facial cum shot.
The cock immediately after the ejaculation is thrown in to the mouth and it is made to clean at the same time. Immediate aftermath, TOMOMI is made lift hip pose.
The semen that vomited from mouth and dripped from face is collected in the container and it is poured in the pussy. It ends by the appearance of TOMOMI who felt completely worn out.
It is known by a boyfriend that TOMOMI was fucked by the teachers and she was canceled an engagement, also the school chased her as an obscene teacher who fucked to the student. A lovely and beauty pussy collapses in ugliness, too.
A delightful appearance that the woman falls to the bottom doesn't get tired no matter how it sees.


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