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(Shizuka Hoshino) Model Invited


n0298 2008/02/05
Shizuka Hoshino
Model Invited

It is capture of a slender slut SHIZUKA HOSHINO in the lascivious atmosphere. She is a model who has an attractive beauty leg. The cameraman demands the lascivious pose unlike a usual taking a picture though today's work is taking a picture.
SHIZUKA was already in a half-naked state when she is noticed it is strange. Taking a picture is changed to gangbang completely. Please enjoy a tragic appearance of SHIZUKA who is fucked and broken deliberately.
The cameraman demands the pose to emphasize the bust from SHIZUKA by taking a picture. The assistant approaches SHIZUKA so that he makes a pose to puzzled SHIZUKA and gripped the tits and begins a caress.

In addition, SHIZUKA who is made taking off clothes said that ?gI don?ft hear it?h and opposes. However, the hand that approached to the lower half of the body takes off the panty & stocking and begins finger fuck.
SHIZUKA tries to run away seriously on the way with saying that "It is not possible to do". Cameraman and two assistants who raged at it push down SHIZUKA to the floor and the cock is thrown in to the mouth.
In addition, another cock is a joining and SHIZUKA is made to suck five cocks. Then, the cameraman inserts cock at the standing back posture.

SHIZUKA who is made expanding the pussy voluntarily while she is made piston gushes the joy juice that becomes cloudy immediately. Then they move to the sofa and piston continue at the backward woman on top, woman on top and carry up posture.
In addition, SHIZUKA is push down in the sofa and the piston is made violently at the bending posture. SHIZUKA cannot endure and ejaculates, "Please stop it".
In addition, the sign of cum shot is felt and she opposes strongly with saying ?gDon?ft make in inside?h. However, semen is injected deeply into the vagina. Thick semen flows backward slowly from the pussy of SHIZUKA who is exhausted.

The assistant who wore braggart's mask lies down at the next scene. The nose of the braggart turns to the ceiling and flies into a rage thickly. SHIZUKA is requested to mount there and made to insert braggart's nose in the pussy deeply.
The opening of uterus is damaged and the pussy is greatly enhanced by the insertion of a fat nose. In addition, the vibs toy attack continues mercilessly afterwards. The vibs toy is inserted at the standing back style and the pussy is drenched.
In the next, it is an attack of the clitoris and the pussy with the rotor toy simultaneously. The clitoris is disagreeable enlarged to an obstinate attack. Then, double head dildo appears there immediately after she got the acme.

It is making of the pussy the creaking and inserts deeply. SHIZUKA makes a pant voice that seems to be painful and is made acme again.
After the fact, a large amount of joy juice that become cloudy gush in the vagina interior where peeped by the Cuzco and the vagina wall has shrunk strangely.
In the continuing scene, SHIZUKA is appears as shape of the volleyball player of bloomers in a red polo shirt.

It is not possible to receive at all though the ball is thrown out to SHIZUKA who mentioned she has an experience of participating in national constitution in volleyball.
They move to the bed and fucking starts after mangling the pride of a former player of the national constitution. SHIZUKA is violently poked at the missionary, bending, back and backward woman on top posture and another cock is thrown in to the mouth.
She is driven in to the situation of not holding the cock in a violent pushing up the piston by backward woman on top posture. In addition, it is the vaginal cum shot after a violent piston at woman on top, side, missionary and bending posture.

SHIZUKA is made acme at the same time as vaginal cum shot. The spectacle where the ostium of the vagina moves in obscenity after the cock is pulled out is must see.
After semen is raked out by the finger, another cock inserts immediately at missionary posture. Then vaginal cum shot is made at the back posture. A large amount of semen flows backward mightily when the cock is pulled out.
Vaginas repeat the slack shrinkage more violently than a little while ago. The last is the cum shower party, men who were walking on the road are gathered. SHIZUKA is opened pussy and is made to install the cylinder made of plastic transparent.

It is the mechanism which the splashed semen goes along the pipe, and arrives to the opening of uterus directly. Semen of total 6 is poured in the vagina. A large amount of semen gushes mightily when the cylinder is removed.
Then it is the strong finger fuck after it is raked out for semen that remains in vagina by lift hip up pose. The joy juice and semen mix violently and a bubble liquid drips from the pussy.
Then it is PISS SHOT at the end to expanding the pussy voluntarily by the open leg pose. Urination gushes out powerfully though a small amount and it ends. It was in the belonging office that insulted SHIZUKA.
The woman who gathers in inviting the model is pretended taking a picture and is sold away. Look down on a stupid woman who has dream that she is the model and throw the reality that she is only worker of vaginal cum shot against them.


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