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(Takako Tominaga) The Meat Slave


n0297 2008/02/01
Takako Tominaga
The Meat Slave

Though schedule management and a foreign negotiation, etc. are the work of the president secretary, there is a thing that the secretary becomes a mistress because close communications with the president are needed, too.
Moreover, the case to make the mistress a secretary is not few. TAKAKO TOMINAGA is a president secretary. She is an obedient and capable woman who handles the president's sexual desire management.
However, it falls into the predicament at a dash by dishonored of the company. The target of the anger of the surging creditors is turned by TAKAKO and insulting starts. It sinks TAKAKO at the same time as going bankrupt the company.

TAKAKO does the schedule confirmation in the passenger's seat in the car that the president drives. The body service to the president is usual at the time that becomes empty without work like meeting etc.
TAKAKO sucks cock of president from the passenger's seat and starts the fellatio. It is polite fellatio that makes an obscene sound. And, it arrives at the usual basement. TAKAKO takes off clothes and becomes a stark-naked as soon as they arrived.
She blindfolds, both hands are bound, and is hung from the ceiling. The pussy is immediately get wet by violent finger fuck. In addition, apparatus is bitten so that the mouth is not shut. And, the vibs toy is inserted in the pussy.

A large amount of slaver drips from the mouth that is opening. Another man continuously caresses body of TAKAKO from the back. TAKAKO who surprised at the man's appearance other than the president opposes.
However, the man's caress is accepted according to the instruction of the president of showing the appearance being played by other men.
And, after she is liberated from the hung state, she is bound immediately to the hand in the back and cock of man is licked. Then, cock is thrown in at the back posture.

Afterwards, she is violently poked at missionary posture and vaginal cum shot is made. The president gets excited by the appearance of TAKAKO who is fucked. The cock is thrown in to mouth of TAKAKO and he requested fellatio.
In addition, after inserting the cock at missionary posture and stirring in the vagina violently, semen is splashed into the mouth. TAKAKO squeezes the cock after it ejaculates and she begins to squeeze the semen of the lick remainder gladly.
In the next, it is image scene in wearing a suit like white. And, the scene is a change into president room. TAKAKO encourages the president who is lost in though for dishonor. However, creditors throng there and the president disappear.

TAKAKO who has been left there puts men who loudly knock on the door in office reluctantly. In addition, anger men who are not satisfied more rage at an absent president. One of the men begins to take off clothes of TAKAKO at the end.
TAKAKO tears up stocking and is made taking off the panty, and the pussy is exposed. The clitoris is caressed, and the cock is inserted in the mouth in addition, and standing fellatio is made. Then, cock is inserted at the back posture.
Though TAKAKO desperately asks for help to surrounding men, cock is thrown in oppositely without the effect.

The joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes from the pussy after she is poked at the standing back, sit, backward woman on top and missionary posture. And then, first vaginal cum shot is made at the bending posture.
Then second cock is immediately inserted and vaginal cum shot is made at the bending posture.
Third cock inserts at the missionary posture and again vaginal cum shot is made after a large amount of backflow semen is pushed in the vagina and the piston is made violently.

Immediate aftermath, the fourth cock is inserted and semen is injected. After the fact, the pussy that is made dirty by semen extends greatly and is ugly. In addition, creditors gather men where the sexual desire collects in order to bullies TAKAKO.
And, the money for insult is collected from them. It spends to make amend for uncollectible credit. Men ejaculate to TAKAKO who sits down in an uneasy expression one after another. The semen of total 15 is poured on the face, head and mouth of TAKAKO.
In addition, the semen that spills from the mouth is pushed into the mouth again. Then, the semen that remains in the mouth is collected by the syringe and the it is inserted in the pussy. Semen is poured into bottom of vagina.

After the fact, the spectacle where semen flows backward from the pussy many times is obscene. The company manages to escape going bankrupt after this.
However, the thing is not told to TAKAKO and she is made burdened even with the president's personal debt and will work as a meat slave through life.
It is likely to go mad surely before she finishes making satisfaction for a debt by the fuck & vaginal cum shot of every day.


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