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(Miho Furuta) The Meat Slave


n0299 2008/02/08
Miho Furuta
The Meat Slave

There are the people such as a doctor or a lawyer of a high occupation of the social status who commit an evil deed.
Though it is very dangerous when the other party is trusted only in the title, it hears that the foolish woman who doesn't have ability to judge things for oneself is deceived directly and they tend not to be recoverable.
MIHO GUTUTA is a beautiful woman of cool feeling. Though she has been made vaginal cum shot by boyfriend and visits the gynecology in dread of the pregnancy, there was the hospital where was full of fake doctors opened for insulting slut body.

Please enjoy a pleasant feeling to tease and grovels a beautiful woman. MIHO is flirting with the boyfriend in the bed at home and make love starts naturally. The bust is caressed after the deep kiss and the pussy is fingered.
Then she is made to open pussy greatly at the lift hip pose. Anal that opens the mouth little is obscene. The finger fuck is made and joy juice gushes. Then, she licks obstinately from top of cock to the root by six nine play.
And cock inserts at the <-leg woman on top posture. The joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes from the pussy. The hard piston continues at the back, side, standing back, missionary and bending posture, and more joy juice gushes.

Then vaginal cum shot is made at the M-leg backward woman on top posture. Immediate aftermath, the finger is put in the vagina and semen is raked out. The scene after the image scene is consultation room in the hospital.
MIHO who worries about the pregnancy visits the hospital. Though MIHO is directed by the doctor and sits on the birth stand by the open leg pose, the both hands are suddenly suppressed by two men.
It is too late though she is heard that the doctor is a pretender and opposes. It tears up stocking, the panty is cut out with scissors, and the pussy is made beginning a peel. The next is toy attack.

After labia meat is sucked with the straw, the clitoris is fingered in the stick of the metal and MIHO pants for the shame play that labia meat and clitoris are picked with chopsticks in addition. Next, test tube inserts in vagina.
Cuzco is inserted after the vagina wall is peeped and the opening of uterus is exposed. Then, the cock is thrown in to the mouth and standing fellatio play is made. The head is suppressed and he made the piston violently.
MIHO who is put the cock in interior of throat shows the expression of the pain. In the next, cock inserts at the standing back pose. The pussy is immediately drenched in a violent piston.

Afterwards, MIHO is carried in his arms by two men at the M-open leg pose and unloaded on the hard elected cock. The stick is inserted in the vagina by backing indecent.
Immediate aftermath, when she is held by men and the body is moved up and down, the cock is violently made the piston in the vagina.
MIHO distorts the face and endures the play of insult and the mouth is closed with another cock at the time of fucking at the woman on top, sitting, back and M-leg woman on top posture.

Spectacle that the cloudiness joy juice pulls the thread and adheres to cock at the bending posture is obscene. The amount of the joy juice increases more and it goes along in Anal and drips below. And it is vaginal cum shot.
Immediate aftermath, the second cock is inserted at missionary posture and semen is injected. After the fact, the third cock is inserted in the pussy where does slack shrinkage in order to excrete semen and injected a large amount of semen again.
All patients in the hospital gather and they join insulting of MIHO after this. MIHO has been expanded her pussy by the finger at the lift hip up pose. The patients splash the semen one after another aiming at the vagina that opened greatly.

MIHO is poured semen of total 13 into the vagina. In addition, the spilling semen is pushed into the pussy by the finger. Immediate aftermath, bubbled semen gushes from the pussy with an obscene sound when she is hold in his arms.
It is stirred by the finger in the vagina afterwards and thick semen that became a mass flows backward. In addition, the semen of total six is poured on the face and the hair.
Then, it is PISS SHOT. MIHO squats down and made PISS SHOT aiming at a metallic container. However, there is no power of urine and most is a spill besides the container and the floor is wet.

MIHO is hospitalized in the ward only for fucking slut after this. She will be trained thoroughly in order to become an obedient meat slave.
MIHO seems not to be able to recall face of boyfriend who visited the interview and her name as well due to cruel fucking of every day.
After she leaves hospital, it is heard that the thing accommodated by the warehouse only for the meat urinal has been decided.


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