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(Nanami Moritaka) The Fucking Secretary


n0302 2008/02/19
Nanami Moritaka
The Fucking Secretary

There are a lot of works except the regular work like a negotiation with a fixer at a stockholders' meeting, spying or excessive entertainment, etc. in a big company. Beautiful slut NANAMI MORITAKA is a new face secretary.
Though NANAMI is a super lady that a preeminent style and looks of the model class fuel man's insult desire, it was a opportunity that starting in the president secretary ship misses one's life.
She is made to be engaged in work to offer the body to stockholder only by the name with the secretary. The men's reckless driving doesn't stop in the body of super secretary's for only fucking. NANAM is teased exhaustively and is made dirty in ugliness.

It is a day of the first going to work of NANAMI who started in the president secretary of the wish. As soon as NANAMI enters the president room, she is fingered her body by the president's son who was there.
The president who came in the room on the way also participates in the caress. It is said that it is a ceremony of the company, and she can not refuse it though she dislike it.
NANAMI is made careful licking service by standing backing style after she is directed to take off the stocking & panty and is opened the pussy greatly. In the next, the finger fuck is made at the open leg pose.

NANAMI of seeming especially sensitive in the vagina violently reacts to the finger of a man who deeply entered the pussy. The subdued pant voice grows, too and she blows the love juice at last.
After the fact, though the pussy goes into convulsions and she writhes, the clitoris is immediately stimulated and she got acme. Then, she is made fellatio by the standing pose.
A brave appearance to follow the menu pointed one after another obediently is made to do by feelings gracious in addition. It is the double fellatio after two cocks are alternately sucked.

The appearance that a beautiful woman has a cock in mouth is the great. Next, the cock is inserted at standing back posture.
The piston is made at the M-leg backward woman on top and woman on top posture while being fingered the clitoris and a large amount of joy juice is gushed. And vaginal cum shot is made at the missionary posture.
Second cock is immediately inserted at the bending posture afterwards and vaginal cum shot is made again at the standing back posture. In the next, the image scene is placed and the hall of the stockholder entertainment.

Though NANAMI stands in vivid white clothes feels shy with a lovely smile, she is requested to take off clothes immediately. And she begins fellatio service at the crawl on all fours. Also she continues skillful fellatio while grip the ball bag.
In addition, ball bag is politely licked. Then, finger fuck is made at the open leg pose. Also NANAMI is attacked by two rotor toys and she is made acme. Then she is made finger fuck and joy juice will be spouted soon.
The ostium of the vagina moves violently as the pussy repeats the slack shrinkage. Immediate aftermath, the test tube is put in a soggy wet pussy. Cuzco is inserted immediately after the vagina wall was exposed.

The opening of uterus is seen well, too. And then fucking starts at the missionary posture after they move to the bed. The hard piston is continue at the bending, side, back, M-leg woman on top and woman on top posture.
After it is violently stimulated in the vagina, semen is injected at missionary posture while voice of NANAMI who opposes sound. Immediately after this, second cock is inserted at the back posture and vaginal cum shot is made.
The pussy does the slack shrinkage more violently than a little while ago. The third cock is inserted mercilessly in the pussy which strains to excrete semen for fear of the pregnancy and made piston at the back and side posture.

The accident that the woman gets a cramp in her leg occurs by the changing in forcible posture by impossible body pose of a man on the way. However, the piston is continued at the bending posture and semen is injected.
Immediate aftermath, the fourth cock is inserted at missionary posture and made vaginal cum shot. Next, other stockholders also participate in insulting in succession. Semen is poured aiming to pussy of NANAMI who is suppressed by open leg pose.
And the cock that just ejaculates in the Mons pubis is inserted in the vagina and the semen of the remainder is poured. The inside of vagina is soaking wet in the semen of 13 totals. The semen of six totals is splashed to the face also at the same time.

In addition, the semen excreted by the power of the pussy afterwards is painted in the face. Immediate aftermath it is facial cum shot after the cock is thrown in to the mouth and fellatio is made.
It is made finger fuck violently concurrently and a large amount of love juice is spouted. Poor NANAMI is dismissed when insulting ends. Also as for the next body entertainment, another slut is prepared.
Of course NANAMI was working for nothing. It is a luxurious story only that the woman who only value in beautiful face and preeminent body tasted secretary feelings. On the contrary, we want her to thank it.


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