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(Noa Tsugawa) The Meat Urinal


n0303 2008/02/22
Noa Tsugawa
The Meat Urinal

People who do not have the motivation are not few though it is not the first time. Only such a person loves money though there might not be devotion for anything.
NOA TUSGAWA is the beautiful woman who has the attractive body of preeminence style and beauty leg. Though NOA loves money and receives the interview of the part-time job by fascinating to the reward of high priced,
the content of work is not understood at all. We gave the damage that tore up the body of NOA who laughed without feeling of strain to pieces, and could never stand up. At the beginning, it is interview scene.

NOA is wearing jeans and the sweater. The goodness of the style is understood from clothes. NOA who only wants money does not understand contents of the work at all though it is the secret club of the membership.
A man asked her to work immediately and attacks NOA who opposes to do lewd things. After NOA is caressed the bust from back and made deep kiss, jeans are stripped off. Next, the pussy is stimulated from the panty by the open leg pose.
In addition, the cloth in a center part of the panty is roundly cut out with scissors. A bare pussy peeping out from the hole which was cut and was made on the black panty is indecent. Then, cock is thrown into the mouth following finger fuck.

It gets excited by the appearance painfully sucked while doing rough breath. Immediate aftermath, the cock is inserted at back posture.
NOA originates a shrill pant voice and writhes at the backward woman on top and bending posture and it is the vaginal though NOA opposes it. The pussy that backflow semen drips is greatly opened and she is made the open leg pose.
Then the habitu?s gather there in order to tasting of the new figure. Men insert the cock in the pussy one after another and start the ejaculation in the vagina. Her pussy became muddy by the total five cum shot.

NOA goes into convulsions also even anal and raises the voice of the scream. In addition, semen is poured into the mouth. The continuous cum shot into the mouth is made one after another in the state that the face was suppressed and the mouth was opened.
Total 19 mouthful cum shots were made. NOA who seems to be weak in a smell of the semen seriously is filled the mouth by the semen that far exceeds the tolerable quantity and has a fit of coughing many times on the way and vomited the semen.
However, men pour semen mercilessly. After the fact, it is astonished at the appearance of NOA of the disabled who sit down with semen hung down from the mouth. And, the image scene is placed and it the first works.

It is the announcements to VIP members. However, NOA brought by force is a bad temper from beginning to end. NOA only stands up though she is directed to make the lewdness pose.
Men say that they will teach posing and touch the body of NOA and begin to take off clothes. NOA is tear up the stocking and is made finger fuck by the open leg pose.
And then, the rotor toy is inserted in the pussy after the clitoris is sucked with the straw. In addition, she is tasted the villainy play of inserting the cock in the state as it is.

?@It continues, a long & thick vibs toy is inserted and she is made acme after pussy was fingered. In addition, it is peeped in Cuzco in the vagina that just got the acme and the opening of uterus is exposed.
Next, it is standing fellatio after move to bed. Three cocks are inserted in the mouth one after another and she sucks them hard while it seems to vomit many times. And cock is inserted at the bending posture.
Then, the first vaginal cum shot is made after she was poked at the side, back, M-leg woman on top and standing back posture. The appearance that she grasped the sheet by finger and desperately endured for the vaginal cum shot is must see.

Immediate aftermath, the second cock is inserted at side posture and vaginal cum shot again. Then third one is inserted and of course it is vaginal cum shot.
After the fact, semen flows backward from the ostium of the vagina that opened greatly with an obscene sound. Immediate aftermath, it is stirred in the vagina by the finger fuck. NOA is an absence of mind on the way of finger fuck.
It is a moment when one slut broke. After this, the adoption is put off from NOA because of the negative evaluation of vomiting semen having a fit of coughing after the mouthful cum shot.

NOA becomes a public meat urinal now and she works hard in order to overcome at the weak point by a large amount of semen of unfamiliar men being poured into the mouth.


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