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(Yuka Wakui) The Slut of Disposable


n0301 2008/02/15
Yuka Wakui
The Slut of Disposable

If time passes, even a very beautiful woman is sure to get tired. However, it is a shame that just throw it away. It is necessary to recycle the woman?fs body in these days when an environmental problem is concerned.
The body is recommended to be offered to a lot of men widely as everyone can share. YUKA WAKUI is a beautiful slut who seems to be pure and innocent atmosphere is attractive with the super body.
Though she is confessed by good looking guy on a certain day but his aim is only body of YUKA. One day, many friends of a man throng to the room and YUKA is requested her body.

It fucks thoroughly and the fact that woman is only exist to offer the body as vagina doll to a man was pointed. YUKA who flirts with the boyfriend in one's own room is made deep kiss and to twining as it is.
The panty is taken off and the open leg pose is made after the bust is caressed from back. And, she is made careful licking service & finger fuck and a lovely pussy is wet profusely.
Then, after standing fellatio, the cock is inserted by missionary posture. However, the senior of the boyfriend comes suddenly in the meantime.

Though the appearance of fucking is seen by the man and YUKA feels shy, a man gets excited by the appearance of YUKA who pants and it begins to caress the nipple.
YUKA is gazes at appearance that the cock is put in and out by woman on top posture and she trembles with shame. She was poked at the back & missionary posture and joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes.
After the piston is made more violently, semen is injected. Immediate aftermath, the senior begins fucking at the missionary posture. The boyfriend connive it though it is YUKA who opposes.

Then vaginal cum shot is made at the missionary posture after hard piston is made at side, back and bending posture. Thick semen is oozed out in the ostium of the vagina. YUKA is flirting again on other day with the boyfriend on the sofa.
However, two junior of the boyfriend come over there. YUKA is left and the boyfriend goes out. YUKA is immediately fingered by two junior. The panty is taken off and the smell of anal is smelt by the backing style and YUKA seriously dislikes it.
And, the pussy is greatly opened by the open leg pose. And she is made finger fuck while being fingered the clitoris and the pussy is drenched. Next, the shame play from which labia meat and the clitoris are picked with chopsticks continues.

After the pussy is greatly enhanced with a metallic toy, it is attacked by the rotor toy. The clitoris is stimulated by rotor toys while one rotor toy inserted in the vagina and she rages violently and ejaculates.
Immediate aftermath, test tube is inserted in the vagina after the test tube is inserted in the mouth. A wet vagina wall in the joy juice is exposed. Cuzco is continuously inserted.
YUKA shakes the body and endures for the shame play which the opening of uterus is exposed. And, the cock is thrown in to the mouth and YUKA is made standing fellatio.

The head is suppressed following ?gIrrumatio?h and the cock is inserted up to the interior of the throat. In addition, double fellatio continues after two is alternately sucked. And, they move to the bed and the cock is inserted at missionary posture.
The joy juice that becomes cloudy adheres to the cock while she is made piston at the side, woman on top, sit and M-leg woman on top posture.
It gets excited by the appearance that YUKA who was opened lovely pussy and the vagina wall is rubbed with the cock many times desperately distorts the face and endures.

And it is vaginal cum shot. The second cock immediately closes the pussy where a large amount of semen flows backward. In addition, second vaginal cum shot is made after it violently stirs in the vagina by missionary posture.
Afterwards, men bring many friends. YUKA is in the state that greatly opened the pussy by the open leg pose.
Men insert the cock immediately before the ejaculation in the pussy that extends already greatly and a drenched by continues violent vaginal cum shot one after another.

Then, the ejaculation in the vagina of villainy is forced and total semen of five is injected into YUKA. Immediate aftermath, the semen of six totals is poured also to the face.
After the fact, men go out and YUKA is left in the room with in the state that face and groin is made muddy. YUKA goes over to meat slave special trader's hand after this so that she is recycled further.
However, the pussy and the spirit collapse completely by the repeated fucking & vaginal cum shot. And she is judged that a further recycling is impossible and becomes disposal.
She lines up on the street with a magazine picked up, and is sold dirt-cheap now.


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