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(Miku Hagiwara) The Public Pussy


n0305 2008/02/29
Miku Hagiwara
The Public Pussy

Though everyone seems to have the destruction impulse in the mind, it works more strongly when a perfect woman is seen. MIKU HAGIWARA with slender body is a former model by belonging exclusively to the certain fashion magazine.
The perfect body of a well-proportioned figure with slender leg attracts the person who sees. It seems that she is considerably confident in looks and behaving herself is dignified. It is the best prey for insulting.
The brutal people who are not satisfied unless I pollute it when I watch a beautiful thing thoroughly insult body of MIKU and they destroy it. Also the confidence was crushed at the same time.

At the beginning, it is the scene of the model audition interview. MIKU walks dashingly in the room?@and appeals for looks of the boast and makes the pose. However, it is not a model but a lewd model that is requested.
A man of charge throws down MIKU who is misunderstanding it and begins to finger her body. Though MIKU asks for help to the manager, it was after the manager had already returned. And, she is tearing up the stocking by the open leg pose.
In addition, she is made deep kiss and the pussy is opened greatly by the backing style. It is obscene that anal that becomes narrower has a cramp.

Then, after the cock is pushed in to the mouth and fellatio is made, the cock is inserted at the missionary posture. The pistons are made at the bending, woman on top, M-leg backward woman on top and standing back posture.
The uniting part where the joy juice that becomes cloudy blots is taken of a picture with the camera and MIKU feels shy & opposes. However, it is stirred with a violent piston in the vagina and the pussy is wet more.
And, semen is injected at back posture. The voice of the woman who abuses to say ?gI appeal you" a man sounds in the room. The image scene is placed and the audition continues. MIKU is suppressed by three men and is made an open leg pose on the sofa.

She is expanded vagina with the toy and labia meat is sucked with the straw. And, MIKU is made acme by the electric massage machine attack.
Immediate aftermath, the Brussels sprouts are thrown in the opening of uterus after Cuzco is inserted and exposing the opening of uterus. And, a man takes out it with chopsticks and eats the Brussels sprouts.
The appearance that man eats the paste made from the arum root similarly thrown in the vagina is taken out is seen, and MIKU is seriously feelings badness. Then, three cocks are pushed into the mouth one after another and MIKU is made fellatio.

Three cocks are pointed at the mouth at the same time and she licks by the tongue desperately though she corresponds with hand job service & sucking. And the men who get excited throw down MIKU to the bed and inserted the cock.
In addition, men turn the video camera while fucking and take a picture of the appearance of fucking. The cocks are thrown in to MIKU one after another at the bending, back and missionary posture and the then vaginal cum shot is made.
Immediate aftermath, the second cock is inserted. The hard piston continue at the side, woman on top and M-leg woman on top posture, and the cock is inserted at the lift hip up posture after it.

It is rubbed in the vagina with transformed posture and even the appearance to which anal does the slack shrinkage is exposed in detail. And, the second cock made vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture.
Then third one inserts immediately and made vaginal cum shot at the back posture. All the semen of the remainder is poured in the vagina by double stab of villainy. After the fact, MIKU abuses men as to say "I appeal you" again.
Other men also gather in order to make submission MIKU who is still saucy. They splash the semen one after another to pussy of open leg pose.

The cock immediately after the ejaculation is inserted in the vagina and villainy play that pours all remaining semen is made. The pussy become muddy by the total nine cum shot that made into the vagina.
In addition, the spilling semen scoops in the container and it is poured in the vagina. However, it has not ended yet. Men continuously make cum shot to face & hair of MIKU. As a result, total 23 cum shot poured to MIKU.
It gets excited at the appearance which is endured desperately for the ejaculation at the same time from three directions of right & left & above of the head. In addition, the spilling semen is collected on the tray and it is hung down from the head.

It become muddy from the neck on by semen and it is so cruel. This is already a fear image. Anyway, MIKU passed the audition. She begins to walk one new step as a pussy model.
Consciousness as the fucking meat of the lowest rank that offers everyone in the vagina has begin to grow meanwhile MIKU who was the model before is forgetting due to the spirit suffers by insulting of every day now.


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