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(Michiko Chiba) The Credulous Slut


n0304 2008/02/26
Michiko Chiba
The Credulous Slut

The person taken in by the swindle and the solicitation, etc. is caught to the same way many times. It might be a character that the learning ability is lacked and cannot be refused.
MICHIKO CHIBA called again because she seemed to be cheated many times though a slender body was attractive. Michiko sits down uneasily and appeals to have been cheated when taking a picture last time.
It is pretended to calm such MICHIKO and insult bullies her. Semen is poured on a delicate body by the non-stop and even washes and drop it doesn't permit and continuous fucking is given.

MICHIKO who had been made dirty by the total 49 semen collapsed the spirit and fell low to a dirty meat slave. The staff explains again the purpose of taking a picture to MICHIKO who is called in office and seems to be uneasy.
However, insulting starts on the way of the explanation. Men suddenly make continues ejaculation to the face and head of MICHIKO. MICHIKO who was poured two cum shot on the hair and eight cum shot bon the face made the expression as wants to return.
However, she is made to take off clothes and to masturbate. The pussy is stimulated by the open leg pose. In addition, she using rotor toy and got acme while shaking her body. Then, men splashed semen aiming to bust of MICHIKO one after another.

Her beauty tits is made dirty by the five cum shots. Next, MICHIKO voluntarily inserts the rotor toy in the vagina and she writhes with the whole body goes into convulsions. Men splashed semen to her pussy on the way of that.
Also two facial cum shot is made after MICHIKO is made dirty her Mons pubis by the semen of five totals. Next, it is fellatio in which cock is put in the mouth. Then the cock is inserted at the woman on top posture after the ball bag is politely licked.
The piston continuously made at the back, missionary and bending posture and then it is vaginal cum shot even she opposes it. Immediate aftermath, semen flows backward from the pussy.

After the fact, she is dressed another clothes with the whole body made dirty by semen. The image scene is placed, and it is coffee and a cookie in Michiko's presence. A man ejaculates in the cookie though she wants to eat it immediately.
In addition, semen is poured into coffee, too. MICHIKO carries the cookie that whitens by semen & Coffee with the semen syrup to the mouth reluctantly.
Surroundings of the mouth have been made dirty in the state to which the semen splashed a little while ago dries.

Though she is taken to actors' keeping from rooms afterwards, MICHIKO feels horror for the appearance that many men stand upright and squeeze their cock and flees immediately. Then it is standing fellatio.
Three cocks are sucked one after another. And, men ejaculate to her face in the middle of fellatio. There is a person who pours semen from the head, too and the hair and the face are made dirty by the total five com shot.
Immediate aftermath, MICHIKO is push down to the bed and she is inserted by missionary posture.

Michiko who has been made dirty all over the face by a large amount of semen can not open eyes and cannot understand a surrounding situation at all and keeps being fucking at the side,
bending and other posture. It continues with back and missionary posture, and the facial cum shot is continued at the time of that and the semen of 11 totals is poured.
And, the cock that stirs in the vagina at the missionary posture explodes by accident. A large amount of semen is poured. Then second cock is immediately inserted at missionary posture.

After hard piston is done, the vaginal cum shot is made into the vagina where sloppily opened. Immediate aftermath, the third cock is inserted and it is vaginal cum shot.
Afterwards, she is immediately held by the open leg pose and the pussy is expanded by an own finger. Men launch semen one after another aiming at the pussy that made muddy by the cloudiness joy juice and backflow semen.
Pussy of MICHIKO is made dirtier by the other 4 cum shot and she falls down like the meat doll at the end. However, it doesn't end by this. In addition, the cock thrusts in the vagina and fucking is begun and insulting continues endlessly.

After this, MICHIKO was strictly ordered to come to the next site with semen had been put on the whole body after vaginal cum shot is made severely. To drive in thoroughly a weak woman for pushing and made vaginal cum shot is so refreshed.
If MICHIKO is seen in the town, it might be good that you also pour semen. When getting irritated, it becomes a reducing stress.


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