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(Akane Serizawa) Fall from Elegant Life


n0306 2008/03/04
Akane Serizawa
Fall from Elegant Life

The fraud as wire fraud, acts to raise the stock prices of own company than appropriateness and so on threatens our life by a skillful trick. It is a content of the document style that approached the realities of the fraud this time.
AKANE SERIZAWA is a woman impostor who drifts lascivious atmosphere. The lip which shows a slight half-opening that always gets wet is indecent, too. A lot of men have been cheated up to now by the erotic pheromone and money has been picked off.
However, consideration of having done a bad thing is none at all. It is natural that the wrath of Heaven falls to such a terrible woman. The woman who has led a lavish life by money obtained unjustified is thoroughly insulted.

It treats like the dust cloth and punished her as crime cannot be ever made. At the beginning, though AKANE receives the interview of the fraudulent trick, she is proudly talked that several hundred thousand US dollars is cheated in one year and so on.
The target of AKANE is mainly a middle-aged man. AKANE confers with a certain man today. She takes to fail the man who is unwilling about a contract under pretense of love. The pair of trousers is taken off from the deep kiss and the cock is sucked.
Polite fellatio is made while making an obscene sound. AKANE sits astraddle a man and make fuck at the woman on top posture after fingering the pussy by herself.

However, a man who tries to make vaginal cum shot at the back posture on the way of fucking is stopped and fellatio is started again. The vaginal cum shot is postponement till contract is made. And he made cum shot into her mouth after fellatio.
AKANE who received semen by the tongue also sucks all the spilling amounts. A man is full of mind to contract. The number of new victims has increased again by this.
The scene changes and AKANE is flirting with a man of the same swindle companion in the bed. AKANE is said to show the technique for dropping a man and demonstrates it in front of the boyfriend and she begins to finger the pussy.

The clitoris is stimulated with the rotor toy at the same time by the boyfriend and she feels with by react the body and love juice is oozed out in the ostium of the vagina.
Then AKANE suck his cock. She keeps sucking politely cock from the point to bottom. And, she voluntarily extends over the boyfriend and sucks the cock by pussy. The joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes and it adheres to the cock.
And, the boyfriend made vaginal cum shot moderately. AKANE rages at the vaginal cum shot and unexpectedly fast ejaculation. The cloudiness joy juice and the backflow semen are oozed out in the ostium of the vagina that opened greatly.

In the next, the image scene is placed and it is home residence of AKANE. A regular seminar for the new Affiliate acquisition of the swindle Commercial Code is held there. AKANE is explaining a detailed content to the participant who gathers.
It is a suspicious thing of the multilevel distribution ship confusion to sell water becoming healthy of the articles after having become a member.
It is pointed out by one of the participants that it is a swindle and AKANE becomes incoherent though AKANE invites the member because she thinks that if the number of new member increase then a lot of money is naturally coming

and can have an elegant living. And, she is made to take off the clothes by man who raged and the body begins to be fingered. And, she is holds in his arms by the stark-naked and the pussy is caressed.
Then she is made to sit on a chair afterwards and AKANE is made finger fuck by the open leg pose. In addition, the cock is thrown in the mouth and fellatio is made.
Then cock inserts into her pussy at the missionary posture and piston continues at the bending, missionary, back, backward woman on top and woman on top posture.

The cloudiness joy juice gushes. AKANE is made piston at the back posture by a shameful appearance of the anal full view.
A man mercilessly injects semen into vagina at the missionary posture though AKANE violently opposes and ejaculates for the vaginal cum shot. Immediate aftermath, the second cock is inserted in the vagina that opens greatly.
The devil insult of continuous play that injects semen when men insert cock and stir in vagina one after another continues from here. Though AKANE apologizes many times while being violently stimulated in the Vagina, it is too late.

Men repeat vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture. AKANE turned into a public lavatory. AKANE who is poured continuousness nine semen in vagina and impoverishes is made to be prostrate after the fact.
She never put up a head. Men cheated by AKANE gather after this and victim's meeting is established. The body offer is requested from the compensation for the thing to give emotional distress and payment of the money that cheats and is taken.
Therefore, AKANE is made vaginal cum shot every day. But she has gone mad on the third day though semen was scheduled to keep being injected for 100 years in the future. It seemed to have been thrown away to the mountain secretly afterwards.


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