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(Mayumi Yoshimura) The Anal Fuck


n0311 2008/03/21
Mayumi Yoshimura
The Anal Fuck

There is a woman who is absent from the office by bad health and the physiology, etc. It is outrageous take a rest by the constipation extent so as not to work wonderfully though one of the causes of bad health is constipation.
It introduces the roughness treatment that cancels constipation for you embarrassed with such a joking woman at a dash this time. The prey of treatment is MAYUMI YOSHIMURA who is office lady with attractive lovely smile.
However, there is not mind to be treated seriously at all. It thoroughly bullied and destroyed the anal and pussy. All of slut is insulted and it trampled even down the dignity of human begin.

At the beginning, the doctor talks about pleasant of anal sex to acquaintance's man. And, he promises to develop the anal if the woman is brought.
To tell the truth, this doctor is a corruption doctor who plays with anal of woman due to pretend that it is constipation treatment. He called the acquaintance in order to procure the prey.
A man allures and takes MAYUMI of the company according to the doctor's instruction. MAYUMI who suffers for constipation is immediately examined anal carefully at crawl on all fours.

The research students in the hospital gather, too and observed anal of MAYUMI. In addition, doctor's finger is inserted in anal. The vibs toy is inserted after it is stirred and the other vibs toy is also put in the pussy at the same time.
The doctor instructs the prescription of the medicine to the researcher here. MAYUMI is made blindfold and is made to sit.
Researchers squeeze their cock and broken her mouth open, and splashes the semen on her tongue one after another to pretend the constipation medicine. MAYUMI who was poured total five semen into the mouth drinks it up all.

On other day, MAYUMI is flirting with a man in the bed. MAYUMI is made to take off clothes from the deep kiss gradually. It is the finger fuck & careful licking service after nipple is licked. The joy juice gushes immediately from the pussy.
And, she is made finger fuck violently and white impure love juice is blown. Afterwards, the cock is inserted in a drenched pussy.
That doctor and researchers appear there while the cock is inserted deeply into the pussy and the piston is made violently at the bending, M-leg backward woman on top and M-leg woman on top posture.

The vibs toy is also inserted after anal is expanded and finger is inserted while cock is inserted though MAYUMI surprised. Violent constipation treatment is given.
In addition, the vibs toy is thrust to anal while being fucked by bending posture and it is stirred violently. Semen is poured at the same time in the vagina.
Immediate aftermath, MAYUMI is made to sit by the open leg pose, and the tongue is inserted in anal and the intestinal wall is licked obstinately. In the next, vibs toy is inserted in anal and pussy.

And, the cock is inserted in the pussy at the back posture. Immediate aftermath, cock is inserted in anal, too. In addition, apparatus is put in and anal is enhanced while cock is inserted at the woman on top posture afterwards.
Men mercilessly made cum shot one after another in the rectum of MAYUMI who opposes. The semen of 15 totals is poured into anal and it became muddy by semen.
Four out of all is splashed to the hip. Immediate aftermath, the toy is violently inserted in anal. MAYUMI is violently stirred and shake the body by disgrace that made acme by stimulating only anal.

Treatment continues further and cock is inserted in anal while fucking at the woman on top posture. The cock is put also in mouth and simultaneous three holes insertion of villainy is made. MAYUMI ejaculates and got acme again.
In addition, the cock is inserted also in the pussy while cock buried under anal by backward woman on top posture. In addition, simultaneous three holes fucking that add the mouth continues.
And then vaginal cum shot is made after fucking at missionary posture. Then the second cock is immediately inserted at missionary posture. Future more, it is anal fucking at the side posture after fucking at bending posture.

Anus that rub with cock and swell up to outside in ugliness and is transformed is obscene. And cum shot is made into anus. Brown intestines juice begins to blot from anal.
Immediate aftermath, she is fucked at missionary posture and it is vaginal cum shot again. After the fact, it ends by appearance of MAYUMI in the state of lying.
Though Mayumi's constipation was overcame after this, she becomes a defecation trouble due to the semen that coagulates in the rectum is blocked. Therefore, the treatment to which it stirs in intestines with the cock to remove it is made now.
There is no expectation that the anus hole that is sloppy opened becomes former though treatment is goes well.


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