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(Izumi Mori) The Slut Ranch


n0310 2008/03/18
Izumi Mori
The Slut Ranch

It is the Young, preeminent style and beautiful. There is the woman whom anyone envies in the world. IZUMI MORI is a fashion model. A noteworthy level is high and also has money as well. A lovely voice to feel the gap with beauty is one of the charms.
TOKYO HOT cannot leave such a perfect slut. It immediately abducts and insults her. Devils who get excited by the super excellent body drive recklessly greatly.
IZUMI ejaculates to disgrace play from which not only the pussy but also undeveloped anal is made a meat tool.

Please enjoy the miserable appearance transfigured to an ugly appearance which is covered with semen and joy juice after first class model having been ransacked three hole of pussy, mouth and anal violently.
At the beginning, IZUMI who tries to go out to work is called to stop by the boyfriend and gets the body fingered. IZUMI is made deep kiss and made to take off the stocking & panty while having stood though she refuses it because delaying to work.
And finger fuck is made by open leg pose. At the same time, the clitoris is licked, and she pants loudly& joy juice is gushed. In addition, after the cock is thrown into the mouth and standing fellatio is made, cock is inserted at standing back posture.

The spectacle that labia meat adsorbs and twines to the cock is shown by close up when the one leg is raised and the uniting part is exposed.
The piston continues at the woman on top, backward woman on top and missionary posture, and vaginal cum shot is made at the next bending posture. After the fact, The ostium of the vagina that moves strangely is obscene.
In the next it is the place where taking picture of model. IZUMI goes down the stairs while making the pose. However, the tragedy waited IZUMI after this. In the continuing scene, IZUMI wakes up on the mat of the basement.

Izumi is surrounded by men and both hands are bound. She was abducted in the way back and was brought. The cock is immediately thrown in to the mouth and fellatio is made. Then, stocking is tearing up by the open leg pose and the panty is taken off.
In addition, labia meat that exposed is greatly expanded right and left and finger fuck is made. In the next, IZUMI ejaculates when the vibs toy is inserted in the pussy and the clitoris is attacked with the rotor toy at the same time.
She rages violently and got the acme. Immediate aftermath, the pussy is attacked with the electric massage machine. In addition, anal is stimulated with the rotor toy as well and she got the acme again.

Immediately after making acme continuously, she is made play in addition and a large amount of joy juice is splashed. Immediate aftermath, the test tube is inserted in the pussy and the vagina road is exposed.
An obscene pleat has been overcrowded on the vagina wall. It is a superior pussy that strongly twined around the cock. Even the opening of uterus is exposed at the following Cuzco insertion.
And, the anal enhancing apparatus is inserted into the anus immediately after the finger was put into the pussy & anal at the same time by the crawl on all fours. Even the interior of the rectum is made a full view, IZUMI faints in agony.

However, men begin the villainy play not believed easily after this. They splash the semen to the anal that opens greatly one after another.
IZUMI is poured the semen of 14 totals in anal and push the semen that spills to the interior of the rectum in addition.
Immediate aftermath, IZUMI is push down to the mat and fucking at the missionary posture is begun though she straddles when try to excrete semen. Then cock is inserted into anal also at the back posture.

The cock is inserted also in the pussy while being fucked anal by backward woman on top posture afterwards. In addition, the cock is push in the mouth and simultaneous three hole play is made.
Then, the cock is inserted also in anal at the time of fucking at the woman on top posture. Mouth is immediately closed with the cock though IZUMI ejaculates. After anal and the pussy are confusedly stirred, semen is injected into anal.
Immediate aftermath, semen is injected in to pussy as well. Afterwards, the cock is inserted in a pussy where became muddy by the semen and vaginal cum shot is made at the missionary posture.

Immediate aftermath, a large amount of lave juice blown by finger fuck. The last is PISS SHOT by open leg pose.
There is no look of the first class model in the appearance to drip and to throw a small amount of urine in shameful shape that labia meat is expanded by the finger.
IZUMI who was destroyed pussy and anal is given up the model because she cannot stand straight and cannot make the pose due to the sequelae. She is taken training as the livestock slut and is being pastured in the slut ranch now.
Though she is lent regularly for fucking, her popularity is quite high because the posture of crawl on all fours also become accustomed and the anal and the pussy can be used.


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