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(Seiko Kitajima) The Lewd Slut Dentist


n0309 2008/03/14
Seiko Kitajima
The Lewd Slut Dentist

It is the position, honor, and money. The woman who has money seems to depend and the tendency to be strong though the woman requests various the one from a man.
SEIKO KITAJIMA who emits erotic pheromone from the lascivious pupil is beautiful woman dentist. A slender fair body and the beauty leg are attractive.
She is just interesting in the rich man and she does not examine for the poor ignore the patients who come for the dentist. However, the anger of patients who raged at the SEIKO's attitude that saucily and revolts a man explodes.

It abducted SEIKO in the hospital and make fuck until go to crazy. The fact only of not money the necessity for the woman who is so conceited in spite of an impertinent meat slave with a fool but cock was inculcated.
It is a consulting room there. SEIKO is courted by patient's man as soon as treatment ended and he cling her. However a man rages because he is mentioned that SEIKO has no interest the man who has 40 million yen or less income.
A man made deep kisses suddenly and begins to take off her clothes. SEIKO is stripped off the brassiere and the bust is exposed. The nipple of the pink color that attracts man's appetite is fingered and it is licked.

And, the stocking and the panty are taken off and finger fuck is made at crawl on all fours. In addition, the cock is thrown in to the mouth after the clitoris is fingered in the open leg pose and fellatio play is made.
And, a man mercilessly inserts the cock in SEIKO who opposes fucking. The beauty leg is lifted high and hard piston is made after missionary and bending posture. The labia meat that rolled up and adsorbed the cock is so obscene.
The fucking continues at the backward woman on top and standing back posture and SEIKO perceives the sign of the vaginal cum shot of a man. But semen is poured at the last though she violently dislikes and tries to run away.

At other day, SEIKO who finished examine and a straightened document is attacked by men from the back. Patients who raged at high-handed and saucy attitude of SEIKO schemed and executed insulting.
SEIKO is thrown down to the bed and made to take off clothes immediately. In addition, the mouth is closed with stocking and she is made the open leg pose. And, labia meat is expanded and finger fuck is made.
And then hands and feet are restricted with the adhesive tape and the toy attack is begun to pussy that is already wet. The clitoris is picked with chopsticks, and labia meat & clitoris are sucked with the straw.

The insult play continues and SEIKO dislikes it violently. However, three rotor toys are inserted in the pussy one after another and the rotor toy is excreted by the power of the pussy immediately after that.
In addition, SEIKO shakes the body and endures insulting of the appearance's being taken a picture with the video camera.
Then Cuzco is inserted after the rotor toy is excreted, and not only exposed the vagina road but also the cloudiness joy juice that collected in the vagina interior is photographed in detail.

Immediate aftermath, four cocks are thrown in to the mouth one after another and it is standing fellatio. The cock is inserted into the mouth deeply and she keeps sucking desperately.
Then, she is push down to the bed and the cock is inserted in the pussy. SEIKO is violently poked by various kind of posture such as missionary, bending, side, woman on top and backward woman on top and labia meat is enlarged.
Then first vaginal cum shot is made at side posture. The second cock is immediately inserted and semen is injected at backward woman on top posture. The spectacle to which the backflow semen drips at the moment when cock was pulled out is a masterpiece.

Immediate aftermath, fucking is made at the missionary posture and it is vaginal cum shot. The fourth cock is inserted at missionary posture without caring to SEIKO who suffers from continuous vaginal cum shot.
And it is vaginal cum shot again. The pussy that injected semen without an interval to take a rest was spread pitifully. However, insulting doesn't end.
Men who have the grudge in SEIKO are gathered. Semen is splashed one after another as aiming at pussy of SEIKOwho is suppressed by open leg pose. Then pussy of SEIKO became muddy by the total cum shot.

The six of those made villainy play that the cock immediately before the ejaculation is inserted in the pussy and ejaculate in the vagina. The full detail is taken of a picture to the video camera.
SEIKO repeats the medical error from the aftereffect of insulting after this and she is appealed by the patient and loses a case to the trial.
She will be sold to a special sex club of the reputation that can make vaginal cum shot at a bargain price because the compensation of large amount of money cannot be paid.
The smell semen of men who do not come up to the annual income one million yen is being poured many times in the vagina all day long now.


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