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(Miho Furuta) Slut with Semen Face


n0308 2008/03/11
Miho Furuta
Slut with Semen Face

A lot of women who are misunderstanding it exist in the world such as AV actresses who aim at the actress.
In this time, it is made to say to one's heart's content obscene word lewdly to the slender slut and the position who seemed to be the teacher was made to be performed.
It gets excited greatly by the appearance for the beautiful woman to pant while calling repeatedly the obscene word. However, it is TOKYO HOT of the monstrosity that it alone doesn't over.

The thing of acting that the trouble stinks is discontinued and delicate limbs are restrained in the latter half. It succeeded in bringing out serious opposes that is not acting from MIHO by the thorough bullying repeatedly.
Opening that uses image of make-up scene and taking a picture such as intervals. The appearance of happy MIHO is seen and it is harmonious atmosphere. At the beginning, it starts by the interview. The supervisor directs MIHO to use of an obscene word.
It is made to masturbate that Miho has not done while calling repeatedly the obscene word. After the nipple is caressed with the rotor toy, the pussy is stimulated.

A large amount of joy juice gushes from the pussy when it keeps stimulating mainly the clitoris with the rotor toy in the standing back pose. The pant voice gradually grows, too. Then, MIHO sucks the cock.
She sucks the cock the root from point and furthermore, the ball bag is thoroughly sucked while originating an obscene word in the camera eye line. And, the cock is led voluntarily in the vagina at the woman on top posture.
The piston is made while the uniting part of the anal full view is seen at the backward woman on top posture. The joy juice that becomes cloudy blots from the pussy.

Then semen is poured into the pussy of MIHO who entreats vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture after she has been made piston at the back, missionary and bending posture.
After the fact, the project change is suddenly informed to MIHO who says that an obscene word was difficult. The next project is insult. Miho who is absent-mindedly at moment is surrounded by men is restrained both hands and clothes are taken off.
Miho opposes it because there is not a tidy explanation and either it is bound suddenly. The harmony atmosphere from opening to the first twining is changed completely.

It tears up stocking by the open leg pose and the panty is cut with scissors though MIHO who sees camera by troubled brow has eyes that it wants you to help. The pussy is already drenched. And then rotor toy is inserted after finger fuck.
Afterwards, the vibs toy is inserted in the vagina by the backing style. The pussy that is expanded miserably by pushing toy is exposed and play from which the appearance where anal moves slightly is caught in the camera by close up continues.
Next, it is an electric massage machine attack by the open leg pose. MIHO is attacked by the strongest vibration and she is made acme.

After the fact, the spectacle that left labia meat is getting rolled up and pastes to ostium of the vagina with sticky joy juice in ugliness is obscene. And, men's cocks are thrown in to MIHO?fs intraoral one after another and it is standing fellatio.
After she is made to suck with lascivious noise, three cocks are licked at the same time. In the next, MIHO is pushed down to the bed and the cock is inserted at the missionary posture.
The hard piston continues at the bending and back posture and the cloudiness joy juice that gushed pulls string.

When the uniting part of backing is seen by close up, even the appearance that pussy transforms and distorts is exposed after a pussy having been stimulated with a cock intensely.
She is poked at the missionary, side and backward woman on top posture and the cloudiness joy juice that gushes from the pussy increases the amount further. To corner MIHO who is very tired considerably with insulting more, other men are gathered.
Men made the facial cum shot one after another to MIHO who is expression of pain The cock after it ejaculates is thrown in to the mouth and there is a man who has the villainy play to squeeze semen, too.

The face of MIHO is made muddy by total 10 com shots. In addition, semen is injected in the vagina at the missionary posture at the same time. The second cock is immediately inserted and a large amount of semen is poured in the vagina.
Immediate aftermath, the third cock is inserted. It is vaginal cum shot while ridiculing a pitiful appearance of MIHO who is made muddy by semen. After the fact, MIHO seems to dose not understand where she is neither or what happened.
MIHO made irrelevant answer as "There is fully a person" for the supervisor's question. It is a moment when MIHO's spirit collapsed. Insulting gets excited more than the woman has it act strangely because the natural reaction goes out.
It throws it away when thoroughly insulting and getting tired. The correct usage of slut was recognized again.


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