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(Shizuka Tachibana) The Sneak Shot


n0316 2008/04/07
Shizuka Tachibana
The Sneak Shot

There is the case that makes an enemy before it is noticed by oneself. The grudge is inveterate and it is not rare to receive extraordinary revenge. Shizuka Tachibana is college student.
Though SHIZUKA is a slender beautiful woman who does the reader model of the magazine by the part-time job, she is suddenly abducted in the way back of taking a picture and is confined to the basement.
The devil teams who become irritated at a supply of scout man Mr. KIMURA advancing only slowly forced hunting on the road. SHIZUKA is fucked thoroughly and she goes mad at the end though SHIZUKA supplicates pardon desperately.

The realistic document picture which captured scrupulously the state that a woman is driven into limit is must see. At the beginning, it is the scene of taking a picture of magazine.
SHIZUKA made the poses with a smile in various ways, and the photography advances with a peaceful atmosphere.
Though SHIZUKA changes clothes to private clothes in the waiting room after photo session, sneak shot is made with the monitor that devil team set. Men confirm SHIZUKA went out of the studio by the monitor.

She is restricted on a street and is brought to the pitch-black basement and imprisoned. SHIZUKA who was hinted that someone's grudge was bought was bound both hands by the standing pose.
Men apply the aim before and they restrained SHIZUKA after all profiles such as the schools that SHIZUKA commuted had been investigated. Though SHIZUKA is astonished in the thing, there is not an idea at all and is frightened.
The woman who was lighted up with only the light of the flashlight in darkness is made taking off clothes and groped bust from back. One monitor is left in front of SHIZUKA who twist the body and opposes in the dark with an uncertain even face of men.

The image that SHIZUKA is restrained and the body is fingered is projected on the monitor. Then, finger fuck is made to SHIZUKA who doesn't understand and opposes more. Finally she ejaculates and a large amount of joy juice is spouted.
In the next, vibs toy is inserted in the vagina. In addition, it is fixed with the tape. Immediately after being liberated from vibs toy attack, cock is inserted in the pussy where the joy juice drips at standing back posture.
SHIZUKA who did not been noticed even that a man came to the rear and was inserted cock suddenly faints in agony to fucking in the state of the pitch-dark. But semen is poured in the vagina against her will.

In addition, she is bound in the stairs and the cock is thrown in the mouth. Cock is put in the interior and a large amount of slaver is hung down while suffering though SHIZUKA has a fit of coughing many times and tries to vomit cock.
Then, it moves continuously to the sofa and the cock is inserted at missionary posture. Though SHIZUKA who doesn't understand why cruel thing is made to her until this made expression that supplicates pardon,
a man violently does the piston while peeling off the clitoris without regard to such a thing and vaginal cum shot is made. SHIZUKA who makes a large amount of semen flow backward from vagina is made to suck the cock immediately at the six nine posture.

After she is made careful licking service while being had hips in the spank, cock inserts at the missionary posture.
The cock is put in the mouth at the time of being fucked at the bending, woman on top and backward woman on top posture and fellatio is made hardly while hanging a large amount of slaver down. And, semen is injected at missionary posture.
The second cock is immediately inserted at backward woman on top posture and vaginal cum shot is made. The third cock is also immediately inserted and semen is injected. After the fact, the pussy opens greatly and vagina wall is a full view.

SHIZUKA who is made vaginal cum shot many times goes mad finally. The pussy is frequently fingered in the open leg pose while making the faint smile. Men gather in the surrounding her and semen is splashed to face and body of SHIZUKA one after another.
10 for face, 4 for tits and six for Mons pubis, total 20 cum shot is poured and SHIZUKA became muddy.
The semen of the face is carried to the mouth and it is licked and in addition, semen around the pussy is pushed in the vagina and she laughs weirdly while finger fuck has been done.

It is an image to which another camera took a picture of the scene from which semen is continuously poured on SHIZUKA by close up.
The image onto which the appearance that she is polluted a whole body and become muddy is projected in detail is the so wonderful.
After this, though SHIZUKA is put on the auction, the smile of the frenzy shown by covering semen is made for a successful bid popular by high price and she is carried to foreign countries.
The life of Japan as the college student changes completely and a severe life only to be made fuck & vaginal cum shot will have been decided to be spent in the future. To become mad is a thing of the happiness.


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