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(Reina Yanagisawa) The Slut Hunting


n0315 2008/04/03
Reina Yanagisawa
The Slut Hunting

There is the parties who kidnap the women and sells them away to the foreign country. Though the place where the kidnapped woman is brought in is mainly an advanced country as like Japan, but it is heard that the woman is sold away oppositely from Japan.
She is a slender beauty woman who seems to be quiet-like. The frighten expression with superior slut invites the excitement to the abduction confinement.
It is kidnapped while coming home and it makes it to the plaything of the devil party who is looking the woman to be only a thing. Please enjoy the image that catches pitiful appearance of REINA who is fucked while being abused and haggard in detail.

REINA who was abducted and taken into basement is surrounded by men and the body is groped. She is tear up the panty by the standing back pose and is smelt the smell between groins, and opposes it.
However, the panty is taken off and the pussy and anal are gazed. Then, the pussy is exposed in the open leg pose. A neat and pretty pussy is already drenched in the joy juice. The mole that exists in right labia meat is obscene.
The pussy is thoroughly bullied as the labia meat & clitoris are picked with chopsticks, and stopping the bath boiler is pushed in the vagina. Then it is attack by the rotor toy.

The clitoris is violently stimulated by rotor toy while another rotor toy is putting in the pussy and she ejaculates. Then it is attack to the vagina & clitoris by the vibs toy after finger fuck is made at crawl on all fours.
The pussy becomes further soggy and swells up. REINA seriously dislikes shame play which cotton bud is inserted in urethra and vagina by lift hip up pose.
The joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes from the pussy to the vibs toy attack that continues afterwards. And, hands and feet are fixed with the adhesive tape in the open leg pose and huge vibs toy is inserted.

The spectacle to which the pretty pussy is enhanced is miserable. The clitoris is attacked at the same time with the electric massage machine. REINA finally got the acme though she rages violently, ejaculates and opposes.
In the next, the test tube is inserted in the vagina. As well as the vagina road that just got acme is exposing, even the opening of uterus is exposed in the continuing Cuzco insertion.
And, the cock is thrown in by the mouth and she is made standing fellatio. REINA is suppressed back of the head and is made piston violently. Her eyes are already hollow.

REINA is push down on the mat and the cock is inserted at the missionary posture afterwards. The piston is continuously made at bending and side posture and she is uncertain to support her body by next backward woman on top posture.
.However, men violently stir in the vagina mercilessly at woman on top, standing back, back and woman on top posture. REINA who is haggard and fucked as like men get wind of vaginal cum shot and suddenly opposes violently.
However, a man mercilessly injects semen at the missionary posture while enjoying to so see such a appearance of REINA. The second cock is immediately inserted at the back posture.

The spectacle that the compound liquid of the cloudiness joy juice and the backflow semen drip in the vagina while piston is making is so obscene. And it is vaginal cum shot. Immediate aftermath, the finger is put in the vagina and semen is raked out.
The third cock immediately inserts at missionary posture and semen is injected. The labia meat of pretty pussy was completely enlarged and became about three times. Devils' cruel appearances are described.
The insulting is added further to REINA who impoverishes to continuous vaginal cum shot. Hands and feet are fixed with the adhesive tape and she is made the open leg pose. A lot of men gathered on surroundings of the frightened REINA.

Men insert the cock in the pussy that the damage of vaginal cum shot strongly remains and keeping to open and made vaginal cum shot one after another.
Immediately after the first two cum shot is made in Mons pubis & ostium of the vagina, the cock is inserted in the vagina and the semen of the remainder is injected.
The next eleven continues cum shot is that cock is suddenly thrown in to the vagina interior and made cum shot after hard piston. Her vagina became muddy by the total 13 cum shots.

The ostium of the vagina that is sloppy opened is in the state of pouring away the backflow semen. In addition, the spilling semen is hung down between groins and it is rubbed against the entire pussy.
REINA driven in an extreme situation is not decided of focuses of eyes and only watches the sky. REINA is sold away after this and the day that to be made vaginal cum shot continue endlessly and she will go mad sooner or later.
Money that sells away the woman and obtains is effectively used for the capital in which the following prey is abducted. Such slut body hunting begins to show established as men's new amusements now.


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