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(Chie Tsukishima) The meat urinal


n0314 2008/03/31
Chie Tsukishima
The meat urinal

The couple who separates unconcernedly is not few. A woman in particular seems to be strong in the tendency a trifling action hurts feelings, and to get tired of the partner. Chie Tsukishima of atmosphere like a small Satan is a well known actress.
It is the woman who seems to be strong-minded with selfishness. CHIE cancels an engagement one-sidedly as soon as she comes home from abroad though the engagement press conference is grandly held and holding a ceremony in foreign countries is announced.
Such a selfish action conflicts with the wrath of brutal people. CHIE is made the sacrifice of the fucking hell and is insulted more violently though it writhes to insult play and suffers.

CHIE is doing a press conference with the fianc? at the place where flash of camera is poured. A happy appearance frequently appeals. The two who had a wedding on the next day flirt on a bed at the night that arrives at Saipan.
CHIE who is made deep kiss and is made taking off clothes is made finger fuck by the open leg pose. In addition, the pussy is violently stirred by crawl on all fours and a large amount of joy juice drips and is thrown.
Though a man demands fellatio afterwards, CHIE refuses it because she is not to be good at lick. Immediate aftermath, though the cock is violently thrown in to the mouth, she has a fit of coughing many times and seriously dislikes it.

Then a man gives up it and inserts the cock in the vagina at missionary posture. A violent piston continues at the bending, woman on top and back posture and vaginal cum shot is made at the missionary posture at the last.
CHIE rages from the bottom of one's heart at the unexpected vaginal cum shot before the marriage. The anger of CHIE is not calmed down though a man calms. And, they return home separately later and CHIE cancels the engagement.
The reason is that a sound to eat the thin noodles of the fianc? was a disgusting thing. A man who is cancelled the engagement and feels bitter requests to insult CHIE to TOKYO HOT.

CHIE who is asked mass communication engagement annulment in detail by mass communication and is disgusted goes directly to the waiting room as soon as arrived the site. However, devils intrude into there.
CHIE is immediately suppressed and the pussy is exposed in the open leg pose. Then finger fuck is made after the clitoris is violently stimulated. In the next, the pussy is severely attacked with various apparatuses and vibs toys.
The pussy is completely treated like a tool and CHIE ejaculates. In addition, vibs toy is put in the pussy and a large amount of joy juice is gushed. Also the electric massage machine is held to the pussy and CHIE is made acme.

Immediate aftermath, Cuzco is inserted and the opening of uterus that is violently stimulated by the vibs toy and finger fuck is miserable. Then cock inserts in the mouth while being fingered the pussy with the finger.
Cock is put in and out though CHIE has a fit of coughing many times and vomited cock. In addition, another two cocks strongly presses the face. CHIE exposes a pitiful appearance to asking for the permission in the expression distorted in ugliness.
And, she is suppressed and the cock is inserted and piston is made at the bending, woman on top and backward woman on top posture. The image where the uniting part at woman on top posture is caught by the angle from the under is so power full.

The appearance that the cock inserted deeply into the drenched pussy is projected in detail and it is so obscene. And the first vaginal cum shot is made at the back posture.
The fart of a large volume is shot from the anus immediately after the cock pulled out once is inserted again. It doesn't have the qualification that says how to eat noodles to such a shameless woman.
The second cock inserts at the missionary posture and it is vaginal cum shot. Immediate aftermath, a large amount of semen flows backward.

The third cock is inserted in the vagina in the state of extending in ugliness at side posture and pour semen at once. Then next cock inserts immediately and made vaginal cum shot. The insulting continues still more.
CHIE is inserted a large scale apparatus in the pussy and the mouth in the open leg pose. It is the TOKYO HOT original apparatus called flow semen machines as like flow noodle machine.
The total 13 fired semen is poured into there along an appliance to the vagina depths. In addition, it ejaculates in the apparatus installed in the mouth.

A large amount of "Flow semen" is made. Afterwards, noodle is thrown out by the whole body after between groins and the face is made dirty by thrown noodle. After the fact, CHIE is in the state of collapse.


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