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(Ayaka Tsuchinaga) The Vulgar and Celebrity


n0313 2008/03/28
Ayaka Tsuchinaga
The Vulgar and Celebrity

There are many people attracted by gorgeous life, but there is the trouble in an upper class. AYAKA TSUCHINAGA is a celebrity of a preeminent style. The Beauty dynamite tits to which elasticity is abundant is attractive.
AYAKA who is playful and lewd refrains from the marriage that parents decided and is spending melancholic every day. Butlers plan probably because they sympathize with a feeling of such AYAKA.
To cancel the marriage, a lascivious appearance of AYAKA is shown off to young heir. However, it is an excess and improve to body insulting.

The impact image that the body of an elegant celebrity is fingered by the great number vulgar fellow and fucked will be made.
AYAKA begins to finger between groins with the finger some day though AYAKA who thinks only about an at all hours lewd thing has lain tedious in the bed in one's own room. The rotor toy is taken out and the pussy is stimulated.
It is small and quite pretty pussy. AYAKA gradually raises a big pant voice and got the acme. Immediate aftermath, she goes to her financialfs house by the steward's driving.

AYAKA grips between groins of a man who is driving and tempts to come to the room at night on the way. Lascivious AYAKA made fuck with this steward. It will arrive at fiancialfs house before long.
Fiancial young son is a foolish son and is ignorant of the world as drew in the picture. AYAKA doesn't mesh with conversation with fianc? at all and smile wryly.
The steward of the fianc? side does not expect this marriage, too and was troubled somehow whether it was canceled. AYAKA rides steward's body and licks his nipple on the night of the day.

In addition, she mounts on the face and requests careful licking service. Then AYAKA sucks the cock and continue it while fingering the pussy. And, the cock is put between dynamite tits and rub service is made.
Comfortableness is terribly so. And, AYAKA voluntarily leads the cock to the pussy at woman on top posture. AYAKA entreats the vaginal cum shot while hanging the joy juice that becomes cloudy down.
And the semen is injected into the vagina interior and she got acme. After the fact, the spectacle that vagina goes into convulsions violently while making semen flow backward is obscene. In the next, it is the image scene with the complete nudity.

The image to emphasize a disagreeable body of splendid constricted with the face upped nipple continues.
Then, AYAKA is made to suck a cock of a large number of men in front of a fianc? one after another according to instructions of the stewards who made a plan to cancel the marriage.
AYAKA who believes that it breaks off engagement by this endures and sucks many dirty cocks. In addition, men continuous ejaculate in the place where the mouth is opened and the tongue stuck out.

It is made dirty inside of mouth by the total five cum shot. Then pussy is greatly opened by the open leg pose. The spectacle to which urethral openings open when the finger is put in the ostium of the vagina is too obscene.
And next, cock is thrown in the mouth, and it violently pierces to the interior of the throat. In addition, though AYAKA is licked the gem, fiance as foolish son gets excited oppositely far from becoming disgusted because he witnesses of such AYAKA.
And, he inserted cock into pussy of AYAKA at the missionary posture. The piston is continuing at the bending, side, M-leg backward woman on top and woman on top posture.

AYAKA is also inserted cock by other brute one after another and she faints in agony. The close up scene of the uniting part where the pussy is skewered while shaking anus is greatly excited!! She is fucked endlessly,
and the first vaginal cum shot is made at the missionary posture. In addition, men who gather in surroundings of AYAKA who gives a loud halloo and reacts ejaculate one after another.
AYAKA is poured total 14 cum shot to the mouth & face and 2 are poured on the beauty tits. In addition, the cock after it ejaculates is thrown in to the mouth and she is demanded cleaning of the stick.

The second cock injects semen in vagina of AYAKA who is poured a large amount of semen into mouth, has a fit of coughing, and suffers.
After the fact, the fianc? who watched AYAKA polluted a crotch and a face by semen is at a loss for words in excessive dirtiness and he determines the engagement cancellation.
Though it breaks off the marriage as it is hope, it develops into the scandal because of the outflow of the image of this day and AYAKA is driven out house with the steward.
Though AYAKA marries a steward afterwards, he does not work at all, and a large amount of debt is made for a gamble. AYAKA is now made to work with a cheap vaginal cum shot sex club in order to repayment.


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