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(Reiko Terada) The Eternity Meat Slave


n0319 2008/04/17
Reiko Terada
The Eternity Meat Slave

The Race Queen with preeminent style has the invitation of work like the film experience etc, on the other side it is heard that there are a lot of mistress solicitations from the potentate, too. Slender beautiful slut REIKO TERADA is Race Queen.
A body of a preeminent style and a long leg shine in the circuit. Though REIKO is liked by the owner in the office and it develops even into mistress's story, after that, she makes use of owner's power and haughty as she like.
However, she gets carried away too much. To reflect on the despise?@attitude, not only the pussy and the mouth but also anal was closed and bullied.

REIKO who a stand out in preeminent looks is attracted in owner's eyes and she is invited to be became a mistress. Woman without even altogether seem is puffed up since then as she is owner's favorite.
RINA calls the racer whom she doesn't like and threaten to dismiss. She takes off man's pants, fingers hips, and abuses him. However, a man thinks that there is an owner behind the woman and cannot disobey.
REIKO who extended over man's face rubs between groins and request careful licking service. And, she made hand job service gladly. Slaver is smeared on glans and she squeeze cock joyfully.

And the REIKO voluntarily leads the cock to the pussy and begins fucking at woman on top posture. A man violently does the piston at the banding & missionary posture and injects semen instinctively.
However, REIKO rages at vaginal cum shot and a man is beat and driven out from the room. And the racer apologizes to the owner after the image scene is placed. The racer who was angered by REIKO for vaginal cum shot is prostrate to the owner.
However, the owner who heard the reason flies into a rage with the insolent of the REIKO and he immediately calls REIKO and demands reflection.

REIKO who was blamed what was said to fire a racer even there is not an authority either is made to be the crawl on all fours pose. And, hips are had in spanks by men who gather and she is dispossessed to crawl the floor.
And then Cuzco is inserted in the pussy by the open leg pose. After the opening of uterus is exposed, the clitoris is stimulated with the rotor toy. In addition, the big vibs toy is inserted and the other vibs toy is inserted also in anal.
She is violently made piston the toy of both holes and opposes desperately, and pants. In addition, the pussy is stimulated with the electric massage machine with the vibs toy inserted to anal by the open leg pose and she ejaculates and got acme.

Immediate aftermath, the clitoris is stimulated with the electric massage machine and she got acme again while exposing fool appearance that hangs white liquid down from anal. And, the cock is thrown in the mouth and she is made standing fellatio.
The cock is thrown in one after another and a large amount of slaver drips from the mouth. It is the deplorable appearance which it cannot think to be the popular Race Queen.
And the, cock is inserted into the pussy at the missionary posture and piston is continuously made at the bending, back and standing back posture.

The men insert a cock in anal at back posture without being satisfied only in a pussy and the rectum wall is stimulated. In the next, the cock is inserted from back in anal at the time of fucked at woman on top posture.
In addition, the cock is inserted in the pussy by M-leg woman on top posture of the anal skewer. REIKO who is also closed mouth with cock and pants painfully is an absence of mind.
And, it is inserted at missionary posture again and four continues vaginal cum shot is made. The pussy into which a large amount of semen is poured extends miserable and is tragic. However, men have not permitted REIKO yet.

It immediately inserts in anal. Men launch semen to face of REIKO who was made piston violently as loosening of the constrictor completely one after another. Total nine cum shot is poured on REIKO. Also cum shot is made into anal at the same time.
Immediate aftermath, the appearance to begin to squeeze semen from anus with obscene sound is a masterpiece. In the next, men ejaculate continuously in the pussy of REIKO of the open leg pose.
The semen of 12 totals hits the Mons pubis, labia meat, and the pubic hair directly. Her pussy was become muddy by the semen. The spilling semen is pushed into anal and the vagina.

Her pussy was become muddy by the semen. The spilling semen is pushed into anal and the vagina. After the fact, even human dignity is not felt by REIKO who prostrate and crawls and turns.
After this, REIKO was made to recognize the thing that she was miserable existence that kept fucking until the mind and body collapsed and everyone was able to fuck again.
REIKO who fell from the list stage will not have slipping out from meat slave eternity.


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