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(Maki Hamada) The Dynamite Tits Model


n0318 2008/04/14
Maki Hamada
The Dynamite Tits Model

Though the good looking woman requests various the one from a man, it has many few cases for looks or the money of the man. MAKI HAMADA is a popular active model.
MAKI is tall and have a dynamite tits though she is slender and also an owner of beautiful leg. It is the man that what MAKI expects loves her substance.
A brute team approaches MAKI who separates lover who just interested in her dynamite tits and depresses it in a skillful word and tempts her and thoroughly stirred in the pussy.

The pleasure that pushes down the woman who only prattles as truth love and etc. to the meat urinal where semen is suited well is special. At the beginning, it is picture studio. MAKI is making pose in well shaped with the body of a preeminent style.
MAKI is a super-busy popular model and is scheduled to fly to overseas location immediately after taking a picture ends.
Though the interview is received at intervals of taking a picture, association with the artist is confessed to journalist's shape question. The continuing scene is a secret meeting site with artist's lover.

A man begins to crumple up the dynamite tits while flirting in the bed. A man caresses the dynamite tits spending time while obstinately licking the nipple.
Afterwards, the lotion is hung down to her bust and it is caressed in the state of clamminess and it moves to rub service by her dynamite tits.
Glans are rubbed and stimulated against the nipple after the cock is placed in the valley of dynamite tits and it rubs. And immediate aftermath, cock is inserted at the missionary posture.

MAKI is stirred the pussy while being crumpled up the dynamite tits and gushes the love juice that becomes cloudy. The spectacle that bubble cloudiness joy juice adheres even to anal is so obscene.
And semen is injected into the pussy at the missionary posture after she was poked at the side, woman on top and back posture. In the next, it is the image scene in Race Queen costume.
A long and thin leg that expanded without trouble is in atmosphere of model of the nature and invited the excitement. And it is the picture studio where taking picture of Race Queen.

MAKI reveals the matter that she separated from lover who just interested in her dynamite tits to the staff. She wanted he to come to like inside of her and gets depressed. Then, a staff seriously confesses that he likes inside of her.
MAKI believes man's word and accepts without knowing that it is a start of the hell. And, MAKI who happily sits with a man in the sofa is made to take off clothes gradually. The panty is taken off and the pussy is opened greatly.
A man inserts Cuzco in the vagina to see the inside more. MAKI who wants him to love inside her was shocked to know that a man likes just inside of pussy. It was too late though the opening of uterus is exposed and she feels shy.

MAKI writhes to the shame play that careful licking service is made and the hair around the pussy is cut with the electric razor. There was a lot of man who likes inside of MAKI.
A man who likes legs, dynamite tits and etc gathers and crowded in her body all together. The finger fuck is made by open leg pose, rotor toy attack to clitoris & vaginal hole & nipple is also made at the same time.
The vibs toy is inserted at crawl on all fours and MAKI ejaculates though she opposes. In addition, the cock is thrown in one after another to the mouth afterwards and standing fellatio play is made.

And then MAKI is push down to the mat and the cock is inserted at missionary posture. Then it is vaginal cum shot after piston is made at the M-leg backward woman on top and back posture.
The second cock is immediately inserted at the missionary posture though MAKI exhausts bubble semen by power of pussy and semen is injected again in to the pussy.
The scene that catches movement of rising vagina wall in detail when make semen flow backward is must see. The third cock is immediately inserted and vaginal cum shot is made.

And forth cock is inserted in addition at the missionary posture and it is vaginal cum shot. Immediate aftermath, MAKI is made to make the open leg pose.
The cock is thrown in to the pussy that extends greatly by continuous vaginal cum shot one after another and devil play that ejaculates semen in the vagina is made. The pussy is tragic in cum shot of 17 totals.
The four cum shot out of total ejaculates in the Mons pubis and cock inserts in the vagina afterwards. Moreover, five cum shot is poured directly on the enlarged labia meat.
Immediate aftermath, MAKI is made finger fuck and ejaculates greatly and a large amount of love juice is overflowed. The image that the moment when a large amount of semen drips from the pussy is caught by the angle from the under is the too powerful.
After this, MAKI loses the memory after she is left like the absence of mind and is confined to the slut body lockup of the TOKYO HOT now, and bred. The woman is a meat urinal that is insulted when it is favored. There is no inside needing


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