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(Kaori Yamashita) The Greed Slut


n0317 2008/04/10
Kaori Yamashita
The Greed Slut

There is the woman who thinks if it is natural to be given the thing wanting by a man. The greed of such a woman does not run out and they want an expensive thing in sequence and waste the man before long.
KAORI YAMASHITA is a top model who has preeminence fashion sense with attractive beauty leg. She is good at dependence and coaxes anything as clothes, bag and car as like she wants at patron. However, patron's company goes bankrupt.
The anger of creditors is turned to KAORI who got sweet deals. Men insult the super body of KAORI self-indulgently. Let's have an incapable woman who can only flatter a man disappear from this world. At the beginning, KAORI is flirting with the patron.

She pleads for the apartment house after the car. KAORI is made taking off the panty & stocking and is made finger fuck at the crawl on all fours after she is made deep kiss. The clitoris is also stimulated at the same time and she got the acme.
Then, after skillful fellatio, cock is inserted at standing back posture. The spectacle to which anal of the little prolapse wriggles at the each piston is obscene.
And then he made vaginal cum shot after enjoy the fuck at the missionary and bending posture. The image scene is placed and it is the place to take the model photograph. KAORI makes the pose emphasizing a long leg.

However, men intrude into suddenly at the next moment. Men are creditor in the company that Kaori's patron manages and the thing that the company goes bankrupt is reported.
Creditors who think that the main reason of bankruptcy is KAORI who pleaded only expensive thing press on KAORI.
Taking a picture was stopped and KAORI who was surrounded by men is made taking off clothes in less than no time and the hole is opened to greatly by the open leg pose. She is made finger fuck and the clitoris is fingered at the same time.

And then, after the pussy is expanded with metallic apparatus and four eggs of quail is put in the pussy consecutively. The ostium of vagina seems burst and half part of egg peeps at the vagina.
The clitoris is attacked with the rotor toy at the same time and one egg is excreted by vagina power. Reaming three are raked out by the finger. Men are interesting in that and they insert the zucchini continuously.
Immediate aftermath, KAORI is stimulated the clitoris again and excretes the zucchini. Men are overjoyed in a sensitive reaction of the pussy. Afterwards, the banana is inserted in the vagina at crawl on all fours.

Man peel on banana that is in the state of piercing in pussy and eats it. In the next, the rose flower is put in the pussy as flower arrangement and miserable appearance is exposed. Pride of top model of KAORI is shredded by disgrace play.
Then rotor toy is put in the pussy, the clitoris is attacked at the same time with the electric massage machine, and she ejaculates. And KAORI got the acme. Immediate aftermath, the test tube is put in the vagina.
Cuzco is put after the vagina wall is exposed and the opening of uterus is shown very clearly. And, she is thrown down on the mat and the cock is inserted at missionary posture.

The hard piston is made bending, side, M-leg backward woman on top, back and woman on top posture. A large amount of joy juice gushes from the pussy that is violently stirred. And the it is first vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture.
Immediate aftermath, the second cock inserts at the side posture and semen is immediately injected. Immediate aftermath, the third cock is put at the back posture and vaginal cum shot is made.
Immediate aftermath, the fourth cock is inserted in the vagina where is dripping of a large amount of semen and vaginal cum shot is made again. After the fact, the pussy comes to keep on opening. However, insulting is not finished yet.

KAORI is bound both hands and is made an open leg pose. Men gather in succession and cock is inserted in the pussy that widely opened one after another and made vaginal cum shot.
The semen of eight totals is poured in the vagina and inside of vagina became muddy by it. It gets excited by the spectacle that a pussy flows backward in semen with obscene sound on the way.
In addition, men pour semen on tits of KAORI who sits down in a bed in utter amazement one after another. The upper-body of KAORI that is made dirty by the semen of 15 totals is drenched.

After this, the body of KAORI is taken to the creditor as security of the debt and fucking & vaginal cum shot will be repeated in the years to come.
However, the bankruptcy is a lie and to tell the truth that the patron who wanted to separate from KAORI planned and requested it to TOKYO HOT. The day that KAORI is made fuck & vaginal cum shot continues without being still informed of the truth.


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