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(Kyoko Shinohara) The Open Leg Fucking


n0321 2008/04/24
Kyoko Shinohara
The Open Leg Fucking

The number of women with a good style has increased. The appearance that the woman who has looks at the model level walks in the town is not unusual.
A devil brute who makes a definite aim to prey on a good looking woman also starts proliferating along with it. KYOKO SHINOHARA is a nymph of a preeminent style with wonderful beauty leg.
The expression of the feeling that depended on that seems to flatter a man as well as the soft body which strengthened in rhythmic gymnastics is attractive.

But, KYOKO is suddenly taken in the security of the debt and she is made to prey of devil though it was possible to think the relation to the boyfriend to be all going well.
A soft body is in vain and she is made shape that is shameful to one's heart's content and there is no refuge anywhere though KYOKO who is violently insulted scream and opposes. At the beginning, KYOKO is flirting with the boyfriend in the bed.
After KYOKO is made deep kiss and is made taking off clothes, she is made finger fuck by the open leg pose. Kyoko who flushes the body for the lewdness after a long time and she is made careful licking service and pants greatly.

And, boyfriend's cock is sucked and the stripe of back and glans is politely licked and she sucks cock violently. Afterwards, KYOKO voluntarily leads the cock to the pussy and inserts the cock at woman on top posture.
KYOKO greatly grind hip and ejaculates. And, she is made acme after she was made hard piston at the missionary & back posture.
The air leaks from the vagina, an obscene sound is emitted, and she feels shy seriously immediately after cock is having been pulled out once. And vaginal cum shot is made at the missionary posture.

After the fact, men intrude into to the place where they enjoy reverberations by deep kiss and the repayment of a loan is demanded from the boyfriend. KYOKO will be taken in the security of the debt in stead of a boyfriend who has not money.
Continuously, it is an image scene in the leotard appearance. A soft body is emphasized in the pose of rhythmic gymnastics. As for the next scene, KYOKO of the leotard appearance is fingered by the men in boyfriend's presence.
After the bust part is clipped with scissors and tist is made exposed, both hands are bound and she is made to sit a chair for the SM play. The nipple is fingered and she is stimulated between groins by the open leg pose.

In addition, the part between groins is cut out with scissors and the pussy is exposed. The labia meat and the clitoris are picked with chopsticks and tweezers.
Next, it is electric massage machine attack immediately after clitoris and pussy are stimulated with rotor toy. KYOKO goes into convulsions the whole body and ejaculates.
In addition, she is made finger fuck violently by the open leg pose and the pussy is drenched in volumes of joy juice. Immediate aftermath, the joy juice spouts again at the same time as got the acme by the stimulation with the electric massage machine.

Immediate aftermath, Cuzco is pierced and even the opening of uterus is shown after the test tube is inserted and the muddy vagina road by the joy juice is exposed.
Next, one foot is raised high and the cock is inserted in the pussy in the state of Y character balance. The appearance where the cock pokes the pussy is caught in detail and she faints in agony.
In the next, the TOKYO HOT original apparatus that attacks pussy with vibs toy appears on fixed by the open leg pose of 180 degrees. KYOKO is exposed the appearance to which the vibs toy stirs the vagina hole with the leg greatly expanded and pants.

And, they move to the mat and the cock is inserted at missionary posture. KYOKO is made to make the pose of the bridge, and get violent piston. Also the leg is opened to 180 degrees and the piston is made violently at the next back posture.
Afterwards, she was poked at the M-leg woman on top, woman on top, missionary and bending posture, and first vagina cum shot is made at the side posture. Immediate aftermath, second and third made continues vaginal cum shot.
After the fact, hand and feet are fixed with the adhesive tape and exhausted KYOKO is made to make the open leg pose. The appearance that pussy moves to vomit the semen that continuously injected is obscene.

And then, devil brute gather in Kyoko's surroundings and the cock immediately before the ejaculation is inserted in the pussy one after another and made vaginal cum shot.
The semen of eight totals is injected into KYOKO and the pussy is made muddy by semen. Immediate aftermath, finger fuck is made and a large amount of white impure joy juice is blown.
Afterwards, she is made to urinate while standing in Y character balance and urine is gushed out powerfully. The expression whether shamefulness reaches the limit is impressive.
After this, KYOKO is made to enter to the fucking rhythmic gymnastics game to wipe out a debt.
It compete for how beautifully vaginal cum shot is made, and a bonus is provided if she can get good result but she was disqualified because she had urinated while playing a game.
It hears that the penalty is imposed as a result of the judgment and the debt has increased in addition.


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