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(Chris Takizawa) Dear Chris


n0320 2008/04/21
Chris Takizawa
Dear Chris

It is requested from an international sense that the commodity and money come and go in worldwide at the present period. However, do not forget there is a Japanese original rule in Japan. CHRIS TAKIZAWA of a preeminent style is a returnee.
It adds to an attractive beauty leg, erotic pheromone that drifts from the whole body captivates a man.
CHRIS is hang to the poisonous fang of atrocious army corps at the very beginning of return home, and she is cheated that it is the education in order to become Race Queen and is made fuck & vaginal cum shot.

It was a tragic end that waited for CHRIS to whom the body had been thoroughly trained without understanding anything. CHRIS who arrived home from abroad is entrusted to the TOKYO HOT office and receives the education as the Race Queen.
However, it is official and men plot to devour Chris's body by cheating as it is the education. Chris of the Race Queen appearance immediately gets the whole body caressed. It is the only stockings under the miniskirt.
Chris wants a man adversely, but cools down to see the cock of the man who does not erect at a stretch. Another man continuously approaches Chris. Chris exposes the beauty pussy that is shaved under hair in the open leg pose.

The finger fuck & clitoris attack is made and the joy juice that becomes cloudy is gushed. And, though standing fellatio continues fellatio that sucks the cock from the roots and lick it with purse her lips is obscene.
The appearance that sucks cock while hung a large amount of slaver down with making noise is obscene. Immediate aftermath, the cock is inserted at the bending posture.
The appearance that the cock rolls up labia meat and made piston is caught in detail and a big pant voice is sounded. And vaginal cum shot is made at the bending posture.

Immediate aftermath, she is not only bail out of semen that flows backward from her pussy by finger and licks joyfully but also requests fucking again. The devil team trained Chris all together for lewdness more than the imagination of Chris.
Later, Chris is suddenly suppressed and open leg immediately after having been called in the basement. A stocking is tearing and the part between groins of the Race Queen costume is cut out with scissors to expose pussy and finger fuck is made.
The beauty pussy is violently stirred and a large amount of joy juice is blown. Then brute made finger fuck again. Chris exposes foolish appearance that blows a large amount of joy juice again though she seriously dislikes.

Immediate aftermath, the cock is thrown in the mouth after the vibs toy is thrown in and it is stirred violently at standing backing pose.
The cock is inserted one after another and fellatio is made while hanging a large amount of slaver down in the cock. She is dying to like the cock. And, it moves to the bed and the cock is inserted at missionary posture.
The cock is inserted on by lift hip up pose after bending posture. Chris feels violently while seeing the pussy where cock put in and out.

In the next woman on top posture, Chris voluntarily moves waist up and down violently and close up of uniting part in state to see anal clearly is greatly exciting. And then vaginal cum shot is made at the missionary posture.
Immediate aftermath, the second cock is inserted at M-leg woman on top posture and made vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture. The third cock is personally inserted and semen is poured at missionary posture.
The surrounding of the pussy became muddy by the backflow semen. The fourth cock is inserted there and a large amount of semen is injected.

The appearance of Chris who considerably received damage by the violent continuous fuck & vaginal cum shot changes completely. She is driven in to the brink of collapse. However, the attack doesn't end.
Men launch semen one after another to the pussy that is exposed at lift hip up pose. The semen of six totals is poured on Chris. Anal is also made muddy and it is a tragic situation. Semen drips as it is and hits the face directly.
In addition, the spilling amount is pushed by the finger in the vagina. Exhausted Chris ejaculates in the shrill when semen is pushed by the finger in the vagina.

After this, Chris believes that continuous fuck & vaginal cum shot is work of the Race Queen and the semen of unfamiliar men keeps being injected about half a year.
However, a special beauty pussy collapses in ugliness because it overworked the pussy too much. And then she was sold away to foreign countries as second-hand goods. She will never come back to Japan.


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