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(Miku Ichinose) The Semen Falls


n0322 2008/04/28
Miku Ichinose
The Semen Falls

There seem to be a lot of cases that even a talent with having appeared on television sometimes does not have work, and is free. MIKU ICHINOSE is a nymph whom the housemaid clothes suit well and a former TV talent.
MIKU is invited to a skillful word as it is work of taking a picture when she finds time unmanageable and walk the town and is confined and kidnapped. After MIKU is surrounded by brute and having lost a refuge, she is fucked suddenly and ejaculates.
Though MIKU who doesn't understand the content of taking a picture at all violently opposes, it followed that it instigated excitement of men more adversely.

The appearance that the freshness and naive body that is just captured is made dirty due to a large amount of semen and seems to rot away endures neither misery nor seeing. At the beginning, MIKU is brought to waiting room of brute rooms.
MIKU who believes and doesn't doubt that is usual taking a picture appeals for the thing with a soft body in the smile. However, MIKU voluntarily takes off clothes when a lot of money is given as a guarantee and begins to expand the pussy.
She is a really foolish slut. Immediate aftermath, she is pushed down on the mattress and the cock is inserted at missionary posture. MIKU is upset for the sudden fucking without foreplay.

Though she tries to run away, the cock is also thrown in the mouth. It is stirred in the vagina at the M-leg woman on top, back and bending posture and the uniting part is shown off. And, the vaginal cum shot is made even though she opposes.
In the next, MIKU who was change of clothes to housemaid clothes made the open leg on the sofa . She rubs the clitoris and labia meat and begins masturbating. In addition, stimulate with the rotor toy.
The expression at which it shamefully laughs seems to disappear and to feel it seriously. Immediate aftermath, the spirit stick like the bamboo sword is inserted in the pussy and she pants violently and got the acme.

And it is the standing fellatio play. Hand job & licking service is made alternately for three cocks. She also licks cock deliciously following six nine play.
The tongue is made to be crawled in the ball bag politely and the appearance confirmed "Is it pleasant?" to a man many times is obscene. Immediate aftermath, the vibs toy is inserted in the pussy by the open leg pose.
The clitoris is attacked with the rotor toy at the same time and she was made acme while the lower half of the body goes into convulsions. An expression that seems to be shameful before and after of acme is must see.

Immediate aftermath, the test tube is inserted in the vagina and the appearance where the joy juice that becomes cloudy bubbles is exposed in detail. Also, Cuzco is inserted and even the opening of uterus is exposed.
And, the hole is voluntarily expanded by the finger in the open leg pose and a small amount of urine is excreted. And then cock is inserted in the pussy at the standing back posture.
The hard piston continue at the backward woman on top, woman on top, M-leg woman on top, back and missionary posture. MIKU is made to say an obscene word many times while being inserted. And it is first vaginal cum shot.

Immediate aftermath, the second cock is inserted at missionary posture and vaginal cum shot is made at once. The third cock is personally inserted and vaginal cum shot is made at side posture after bending posture.
Immediate aftermath, MIKU is made lift hip up pose. The TOKYO HOT original pour container that reforms the PET bottle is buried in the vagina and in addition, the close up camera for the womb entrance is installed.
Brute discharges semen into the pour container one after another. The powerful image from which the semen of three totals is poured in the vagina and the opening of uterus is made dirty in ugliness is caught in detail with the close up camera .

Immediate aftermath, MIKU made the lift hip up pose again though the pour container is removed. And the semen is discharged aiming to the pussy that is expanded by finger. The semen of three totals hits directly in the vagina.
Semen flows backward in the vagina with an obscene sound at the same time as being hold in his arms afterwards.
In addition, the pour container is installed again by the lift hip up pose and a large amount of semen of ten totals is poured one after another.

Immediate aftermath, she was hold up in his arms and semen in the vagina is excreted by the power of the pussy. And the semen flows and falls at a dash. The pussy is in the state of opening the mouth in ugliness.
After the fact, a final guarantee in which various expenditures like the registration fee etc. are subtracted is passed to MIKU. It is only one dollar note that MIKU received. But MIKU is still a smile for some reason.
She might have been crazy in violent fuck & vaginal cum shot.
After this, though MIKU is entrusted to the housemaid coffee shop of direct management of TOKYO HOT but the pussy is paralyzed because of the service of every day to a dirty cock and the spirit weakens,
too. Therefore, it is said that she makes a mistake in the guest's order and one dollar note of the guarantee of taking a picture was taken up as a penalty.


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