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(Saya Yukawa) The Defiled Pussy


n0326 2008/05/08
Saya Yukawa
The Defiled Pussy

The man's success in life that has been roughly decided by the long service has changed by the introduction of the performance-based evaluation. On the other hand, the woman's success in life is still unchanged and it is depend on the associated man.
Woman's status rises by associating with a man who is high-level, too.
SAYA YUKAWA of slender beauty slut becomes the mistress of the chairman of the company that works due to uses the beauty tits and the leg of the boast and executive director's position is acquired. And she calls subordinates the incompetence.

However, employees' anger explodes. SAYA is made the beauty tits, the beauty pussy, and anal including the beauty face dirty in ugliness and supplicates apology like the slave. At the beginning, SAYA desires becoming the mistress in front of the chairman.
She has taken off the clothes and exposes the pussy in the standing pose according to the chairman's instruction. It is tried whether she is suitable for the mistress. It is the super body such as beauty tits, beauty pussy, beauty anus and beauty skin.
After pink nipples and the beauty tits are fingered, deep kiss is made. The tongue is made to be crawled in man's neck muscle and earlobe. Then cock is sucked after nipple was licked. SAYA sucked the entire cock while hung down the large amount of slaver.

And the cock is inserted at the M-leg woman on top posture and piston continues at the standing back and missionary posture. In addition, three employees ejaculate in mouth of SAYA who has been fucked one after another.
And all a large amount of semen in the mouth is drunk up. In addition, semen is injection in the vagina. SAYA who satisfied the chairman is selected for the executive director in the company at the same time as winning mistress's seat.
The next scene, SAYA keeps eyes out in subordinate's work and strolls in office while scolding one person one. It the next, the director is called in the locker room and he is made reverse sexual harassment.

She pressed pussy by the woman on top and request careful licking service. In addition, she request to insert the cock at the missionary posture. However, the director made vaginal cum shot immediately as soon as having put it.
SAYA rages at an extraordinary early ejaculation. At continuing scene, three man employees sit upright with their legs folded under them in front of SAYA. And she scolds men for the business results and demand careful licking service one by one.
However, notice that the company went bankrupt jumps into there. If the company goes bankrupt, neither the superior nor the subordinate have the relation. Men make the attitude change suddenly and attack SAYA.

SAYA is bound both hands and clothes are stripped off, and she was hang nakedly from a ceiling. She is violently made finger fuck at open leg pose and joy juice gushed. Immediate aftermath, she is made acme by the more violent finger fuck.
Then, after hips are had in the spank, anal is licked. The tongue is put in anal mercilessly though SAYA intensely opposes. And then cock is inserted at the standing back posture. Piston in state of hang in midair by hold up both legs continues.
In the next, the cock is thrown in to the mouth one after another and she is made standing fellatio.

It gets excited by the expression that seems to be painful while pouring away slaver. Immediate aftermath, cock is inserted at side posture and vaginal cum shot is made at once.
Continuously, the second cock is inserted at back posture and vaginal cum shot is made at the woman on top posture after hard piston was made at missionary, bending and M-leg woman on top posture.
Afterwards, the 3rd, the 4th, and the 5th cock were inserted at the missionary posture, and the devil play of continuous vaginal cum shot is made. Immediate aftermath, semen is poured to face & mouth while being inserted the cock in the bending posture.

Cum shot is made three in the face and one in the mouth and a large amount of semen is poured also in the vagina.
Then, SAYA is made lift hip up pose. After semen is launched to the foot that put on the heel, four continuous cum shot is launched to the pussy.
The last one is inserted in the ostium of the vagina momentarily of the ejaculation and semen is injected directly in the vagina. In addition, the spilling semen is pushed in the vagina.

It is report that information on the bankruptcy was a disinformation in fact there. The employees panic and escape to run away at a dash. SAYA who is made whole body dirty by semen and is tired out doesn't remain power to get up either.
After this, SAYA who transforms pussy in ugliness by continuous fucking is rebuked it by the chairman and the mistress contract is cancelled.
In addition, life in bottom of the heap in which many and unspecified cocks are inserted on the road by the instruction of chairman who reflected on arbitrary human affairs
in order to do social study will be compelled and the position is demoted to the part-time job. It seems to decide appointment as a mere clerk informally only after semen is injected into the pussy immediately before the explosion.


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