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(Maya Nishioka) The Secretary


n0325 2008/05/05
Maya Nishioka
The Secretary

The competition of the enterprise grows more intense, too as with the diversification of consumer needs. The skill that advanced and various more than present is requested also to the working employee.
MAYA NISHIOKA of a preeminent style is a college student of the secretary wish. MAYA is a beautiful woman of calm atmosphere and remains in the final interview of the major company.
However, the president does what president wants to do taking advantage of weakness of a woman in a hurry in the job scarcity.

In addition, she is cheated to make the employee pleasant with the secretarial work and state fucked by all members of the staff. The cock is inserted even by anal and she faints in agony in the end.
The college slut who is serious with clear brain was insulted thoroughly, and she was diminished to a dirty meat doll. At the beginning, it is the secretary's final interview. The president approaches MAYA and begins to grope the body.
However, the woman who is in a hurry of finding employment cannot opposes, is made deep kiss and gets to rub the bust from the back . In addition, stockings and the panty are taken off by the open leg pose and the pussy is exposed.

And the clitoris is attacked and she ejaculates and is made acme. After the fact, MAYA confesses that she is a sensitive with saying that "It becomes pure-white in the head when got acme".
And, the cock is thrown in to the mouth and standing fellatio is made. The cock is sucked hard while being fingered the pussy in the continuing skillful fellatio. In the next, cock is inserted at the backward woman on top posture.
And she ejaculates greatly when vagina is stimulated with the cock at the woman on top and back posture. And, semen is injected at bending posture though she intensely opposes vaginal cum shot.

Then, the image scene is placed and it is the first day of going to work. MAYA who officially became secretaries are greeting turns to employees. Men attack her and cock is thrown in to the mouth when they saw that MAYA of a preeminent style.
MAYA who was explained that it is ceremony of company licked three sticks alternately without anytime to oppose.
MAYA is made to double fellatio after she was made to say an obscene word many times and furthermore, three cocks are licked at the same time. And, she is made open leg pose on the sofa.

And the stoking and the panty are cut with scissors and the hole is exposed. The double rotor toy is inserted in vagina hole and the clitoris is stimulated at the same time. A large amount of joy juice is gushed from the pussy.
MAYA cannot be endured insulting that got acme many times and desperate to control the hand of the man having a rotor toy. However, she is suppressed again and rage and made large ejaculation with moving whole body intensely and made acme again.
In addition, she is stirred with the rotor toy in the vagina and is made acme immediately after that. Then, vibs toy is inserted at crawl on all fours. A metallic stick also inserted in anal and she is made acme again.

The appearance that the mouth is greatly opened and shout with look of not being possible to think as beauty secretary is must see.
Then, cock is inserted at the missionary posture and anal is also stirred by the finger while fucked at the side & bending posture and she faints in agony.
And, the cock is inserted in anal. The shame play from which anal is fucked while being said an obscene word continues. And, the cock is inserted also in anal in the middle of fucking at the woman on top posture.

The cock is thrown in to mouth of MAYA who faints in agony and shouts and three hole play is made simultaneously. In the next, fucking is made at backward woman on top posture and first vaginal cum shot is made at the missionary posture.
Immediate aftermath, the second cock is inserted at back posture and made vaginal cum shot. The third cock is inserted in anal at back posture and semen is injected in the rectum.
Immediate aftermath, the fourth cock is inserted in the pussy at the backward woman on top posture. It intensely stirs in the vagina and semen is injected.

In addition, the fifth cock is inserted at the missionary posture and vaginal cum shot is made at once. After the fact, MAYA is an absence of mind. The pussy and anal are ugly polluted with semen. However, it has not ended yet.
All members of the staff gather and they splashed semen one after another to the pussy of MAYA of lift hip up pose.
Immediately after ejaculating in mons pubis and the vicinity of vagina entrance, the cock is inserted in the pussy and the devil play to begin to squeeze all semen in the vagina is made.
The pussy that is poured total 16 semen became muddy and it is miserable. In addition, the finger is stabbed to the pussy and it is stirred intensely.
MAYA doesn't return to the origin with it became pure-white in the head because she was made acme many times after this.
Therefore, though the adoption was put off and was hospitalized, it seems to have been thrown away after she is having been made vaginal cum shot severely by wicked doctors.


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