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(Fuka Wakamatsu) The Miserable Fuka


n0324 2008/05/03
Fuka Wakamatsu
The Miserable Fuka

There is a price to a thing appearing in the market entirely, but the reasonable price is set naturally to a thing had dealings in a black market. The slut body is not an exception.
FUKA WAKAMATSU who drifted the masochist atmosphere from the whole body was sold by the lover.
Though she seem to have less luck originally, it want to bully more and want to drive into her when look at the expression that seems to be uneasy The fact that has arisen only to become devils' prey is pointed at the frightened FUKA and look down,

in addition, in order to throw away her all the life in the future, cruel insult was made. Please enjoy the woman sold in the body market falls very pitifully. Opening is a pitiful appearance of FUKA bound in the cage in the prison.
It starts from a sad confession that she is sold by the boyfriend and ordinary life changed completely. The boyfriend who obtains money flees personally as run away.
After FUKA who goes over to brute?fs hand is made to be prostrate, she is fixed collar and request to crawl the floor as keeping walk on all fours. And, stockings and the panty are taken off and hips are had in the spank.

Afterwards, she is taken in front of a certain prison. There was a slave who was bound there and whipped. FUKA who saw it trembles with fear and loses energy to run away at a dash.
FUKA who realized that she can not escape and gave up caresses man's whole body as directed. The deep kiss is demanded after licking the gopher tit. Then, she was sucked the cock and fellatio play was made.
The tongue is made to be crawled even in man's dirty anal. Then cock is inserted at the back posture. The appearance that the joy juice blots gradually in the uniting part and becomes cloudy whenever the piston is repeated is obscene.

After the more pistons are made at the missionary and bending posture, then vaginal cum shot is made. Immediately after cock is having been pulled out, a large amount of semen flows backward and falls even the anal.
The expression of FUKA who whether gave it up is impressive. The image scene is continuously placed and FUKA is introduced by guest's three men. They are invited in order to straightening woman who has been sold thoroughly.
FUKA is bound by the open leg pose after the head is put up to the floor and she is deeply prostrate. Men's hands expand and it is inserted in the pussy of FUKA who begins masturbating with a rotor toy.

After the finger fuck, FUKA gets to the pussy the insertion of the rotor and clitoris is stimulated at the same time. In addition, it stirs in the vagina with the vibs toy afterwards.
The thick vibs toy is deeply insets at once though FUKA desperately endures strong stimulation and the disgrace to the pussy while distorting the face. And it is attack of electric massage machine. FUKA goes into convulsions the whole body and pants.
Next, men demand the obedience play. FUKA politely lick the cock of men who lie by row. In addition, the erected cock is inserted in the mouth by standing pose one after another.

The insult play that three is licked at the same time after two is pushed in at a time in the mouth continues. And cock is inserted at the missionary posture.
FUKA is directed to expand the uniting part in which the cock has been inserted by the finger greatly and she executes it though feels humiliation.
The appearance from which the cock is buried under the ostium of the vagina many times is voluntarily exposed.

FUKA who is intensely stirred in the vagina at the back, woman on top and backward woman on top posture and an immediately before the limit repeats the pant voice to groan in rapid succession.
And the first vaginal cum shot is made at the missionary posture. The second cock is personally inserted at the side posture and semen is injected at once.
The third cock is inserted in the pussy where the backflow semen drips and drops at the back posture. After it intensely stirs in the vagina, semen is injected. It begins to squeeze the semen of the remainder twice in the vagina in piercing.

After the fact, though it is FUKA who cannot move by tired out, she is directed to say the bow to men and is prostrate. A sad aura that is peculiar to the woman bought by money is drifted from the whole body.
After this, FUKA will be sold to the slut body market again. However, the price fall is inevitable because of second-hand goods.
It is necessary to put the additional value as improvement of mouth technique, anal usage and etc in order to see her as high as possible.
People who succeed in slut body training built wealth due to sale it higher than purchase price seems to be born many people for these past several years.


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