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(Yuka Hiramatsu) The Fuck in Barn


n0327 2008/05/12
Yuka Hiramatsu
The Fuck in Barn

Will bipolarization progress for the sex? A frank young person and the sexless couple are increasing, it is heard that there are a lot of couples who make love at anywhere, too.
YUKA HIRA MATSU is a beautiful college student and the erotic pheromone drifts from slender body. Though she flirts with the boyfriend in the barn in the school, it is outrageous do lewdly in the place of study.
The slut who comes into rut anywhere needs to be reeducated and correct the rotted character. The anal insulting after the mouth and the pussy were closed was effective.

At the beginning, YUKA brings the boyfriend to the barn in the school that found it to do lewdly. YUKA immediately touched his body and licked the nipple, and brief is lowered and fellatio is started.
She licks glans deliciously and sucks cock positively. And, a man made to take off stockings and the panty and careful licking service & finger fuck is made. A large amount of joy juice has already gushed to the pussy.
She is such a lascivious slut. Then fucking start at the missionary posture. Hard piston continued at the bending, back, woman on top and backward woman on top posture, and he made the vaginal cum shot accidentally at the missionary posture.

Though YUKA is surprised at unanticipated vaginal cum shot but they are found by teachers who patrol in the school immediately after that.
The image scene is placed and the boyfriend sits straight in front of teachers and the boyfriend who defends YUKA becomes expulsion from school.
Also though YUKA is made to sit straight, too and is criticized to make love, she supplicates them to forgive unsightly because finding employment is decided unsightly. But the attitude with a bad loser promotes teachers' anger.

YUKA is made taking off clothes and exposes the pussy in the open leg pose. Cuzco is inserted following finger fuck, and it peeps in the vagina immediately after vaginal cum shot. Next, the vibs toy is inserted in the pussy.
The spectacle that labia meat in vagina gets rolled up outside by the violent piston is a masterpiece. The vibs toy insertion continues at the back style and YUKA confesses the thing that she invited to the barn.
Men's anger grows further and vibs toy is inserted in anal of YUKA. And also YUKA is inserted the vibs toy into anal at open leg pose and is stimulated the pussy at the same time with the electric massage machine.

And, YUKA goes into convulsions the lower half of the body with violent attack and got acme. And then, three cocks are pushed into the mouth one after another and standing fellatio is made. There is a scene where three is licked at the same time, too.
In addition, she is push down to the bed and the cock is inserted at missionary posture and piston continues at the woman on top & back posture. She is violently poked as seems to tear up delicate body.
Afterwards, the cock is inserted in anal at back posture. Spectacle that joy juice that overflows from pussy drips to uniting part of anal is so obscene. Immediate aftermath, the cock is thrown into the mouth and the cock is inserted also in the pussy.

YUKA is an absence of mind to the play of the monstrosity as three holes are closed. And then, the cock is inserted in the pussy at missionary posture immediately after that and vaginal cum shot is made.
The second cock is personally inserted and it is vaginal cum shot again. The third cock is continuously inserted. And it inserts in anal on the way and semen is injected as it is.
YUKA begins to squeeze semen from the anus with an obscene sound immediately after stick's having been pulled out from anal. However, insulting doesn't end.

Many men gather there and semen is launched one after another to mouth of YUKA who was suppressed head. Yuka was poured total six cum shot into the mouth.
Immediate aftermath, semen in the mouth is sucked out by the injection syringe and it is injected into anal. The ejaculation into the mouth continues afterwards and the semen of 11 totals hits inside of mouth of YUKA directly.
Semen is sucked out by the injection syringe again and it is injected into both in the vagina and anal. Immediate aftermath, YUKA is hold in his arms and is made to excrete semen.

A large amount of semen flows backward from the pussy, divided into two times. Immediate aftermath, YUKA cannot move at all while open the leg widely.
The crotch that is made muddy is a cruel situation and the deterioration of the pussy that was beaten up and anal is also intense.
After this, YUKA is left in the front gate as objection and the punishment to becoming meat urinal of all men who go in and out to school is given to YUKA.
However there was notice of the cancellation of the unofficial decision from the workplace with reason in having disturbed public morals in the school. And, she personally becomes unnecessary and is removed from the front gate to the barn.


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