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(Yumi Takano) The young lade and steward


n0328 2008/05/15
Yumi Takano
The young lade and steward

Though the woman who is pulchritude with a talented woman is a person for which everyone yearns, it is not few that they had a grudge unexpectedly as for jealousy and so on.
Slender beautiful slut YUMI YAKANO is a rich princess and a neat, elegant atmosphere drifts from the whole body. However, she is resented unjustly by man and falls into the predicament.
She fall a victim to men and only runs about trying to escape without knowing the way to opposes. The appearance from which a beautiful woman is made dirty in thoroughly and ugliness is the marvelous.

At the beginning, seniors of YUMI appear. He is irritated because of having been dismissed and also is jilted also by the woman and visit home of YUMI.
She pleasantly receives such men, too. However, the men are jealousy in the state of YUMI whom they know no hardship, and live comfortably. It turns an attack against YUMI and insulting begins.
YUMI who is kissed by standing pose and is made taking off panty is exposed pussy without any time to oppose. The clitoris is fingered in the open leg pose and she ejaculates.

In addition, the cock is pushed in to the interior of the throat in standing fellatio. And, the cock is inserted by standing back posture. A large amount of joy juice that become cloudy overflow from the uniting part and it adheres to the cock.
Then, semen is injected at missionary posture though she intensely opposes. The second cock is inserted in the vagina that opens greatly and pours semen and fucking continue at the missionary posture and vaginal cum shot is made.
After the fact, the backflow semen is pushed again in the vagina. The image scene is placed and YUMI instructs to put out the car to stewards on other day.

It is necessary to go out to many practice things as studying foreign language, harp, piano and so on. However, stewards who were obedient till now take a sudden turn in a manner.
The stewards were disgusted with a tyrannical manner of the master (in word father of YUMI), and express resignation. They start to say to take their revenge on YUMI. The cock is thrown into the mouth and YUMI is made standing fellatio.
After having been made to suck two cocks in turn, it is pushed into the mouth at the same time. Spectacles that slaver is drip down from the mouth of YUMI who painfully suck the cock and falls along the cock is obscene.

In the next, stockings are split, the panty is taken off, and she is made open leg pose. And the after finger fuck, labia meat is sucked with the straw.
In addition, disgrace play such as clitoris is intensively stimulated with the rotor toy and the tongue is stabbed to anal continues. In addition, after the test tube is inserted and the vagina wall is exposed, Cuzco is inserted.
The opening of uterus where joy juice that becomes cloudy blots is peeped at. And cock is inserted at the missionary posture. YUMI ejaculates to an intense piston at the woman on top, bending, side, backward woman on top and back posture.

And semen injected at the side posture at the time of struggling. Immediate aftermath, the second cock is inserted at the missionary posture and vaginal cum shot is made. Immediate aftermath, the ostium of the vagina wriggles and semen is excreted.
It is an obscene pussy that cannot be thought a neat princess. Stewards who were dismissed after having served devotedly concentrate to take their revenge on a YUMI. And they ejaculate in mouth of YUMI one after another.
YUMI who was poured in total four cum shot into the mouth all drinks it up. Then, one another hits the mouth directly immediately after having drunk up.

YUMI drinks it up all in dim consciousness. YUMI who drank up total five cum shot is made open leg pose immediately after that. Then, men insert the cock in the pussy one after another and ejaculate in the vagina.
The pussy into which the semen of five totals is poured becomes muddy. Two of them is inserted in the pussy immediately after ejaculating in the Mons pubis and the semen of the remainder is injected into the vagina interior.
However, it doesn't end by this. In addition, men made continues facial cum shot to her face. YUMI who was poured total 17 cum shot becomes silent even power to oppose losing.

However, men made the vicious play that rubs the semen against the entire face of YUMI mercilessly. After this, the appearance that she is covered by the semen is found by father and she is disinherited and falls from the princess.
However, she cannot throw away the pride as the princess and goes to the classroom to continue the lesson of vaginal cum shot. She is training intensively now to be the instructor of the vagina cum shot.
She is made vaginal cum shot by dirty men every day and going mad is close.


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