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(Ayako Tsushima) The Fucking Train


n0329 2008/05/19
Ayako Tsushima
The Fucking Train

Though it is said that the incidence of the sexual molester in the packed train is high, mot all the woman is made a sexual molester. There is a common element to the aimed woman as serious, quiet and so on.
AYAKO TSUSHIMA with fair and burst body is a president secretary. She seems weak atmosphere to pushing as Devils are allowed to come near. As it thought, she falls a prey in the car of the train that boards it to deliver an important document.
Men who crowd the woman drive recklessly intensely. Unbelievable shame play was made in a public train. At the beginning, men surround AYAKO who is jolted in a train.

AYAKO cornered to the vicinity of the door is patted the hip and gets in the skirt putting the hand. Other sexual molesters also join one after another though she desperately opposes and the mouth is closed and she is fingered between groins.
And, the panty is taken off after stockings are tearing and the pussy is exposed. And the clitoris is intensely fingered in the standing pose. Men drive recklessly further. Then three of them pressed the erected cock against the leg and hips.
Also cock is pressed against the skirt and it rubs and made cum shot as it is. AYAKO is poured three cum shot continuously and the skirt is stained with it.

Immediate aftermath, eyes of AYAKO who supplicates pardon instigate the men's excitements further. AYAKO was left unattended with it having been tied to a handrail after she was fitted handcuffs in the both hands and was restricted.
The scene changes and two men wait for document that AYAKO has. However, AYAKO who arrived delaying loses the document on the way kneel on the ground and apologize to the president of the client.
However, the president rages at semen that the stick to the skirt. Then cock is put in the mouth after AYAKO is made to the stark-naked and the clitoris is fingered.

After AYAKO is made to suck politely glans ahead, cock is inserted in the root and she sucks it while suffering. Immediate aftermath, cock is inserted at backward woman on top posture.
After it is stirred in the vagina at the woman on top, bending and missionary posture, semen is launched. Immediate aftermath, cock is inserted again and semen is poured into the vagina interior.
In the next, the second cock begins fucking at the bending posture and vaginal cum shot is made. After the fact, the ostium of the vagina is been greatly opened. The scene changes and sexual molester surround AYAKO again in the train.

AYAKO was men's suitable prey since first time sexual molester. The woman who was personally taken off clothes and fitted handcuffs in both hands is groped body.
The panty is taken off and the pussy is fingered, in addition, the one leg is hung with the rope. And, she is left as it is. AYAKO minds circumference uneasily and seems to be going to faint by shame at any moment.
Immediate aftermath, AYAKO is made careful licking service by men who crowded. In the next, finger fuck is made at the standing backing style and the joy juice that becomes cloudy blots in the pussy.

In addition, the cock is thrown in one after another in the mouth and she is made fellatio. And, the cock is inserted at the standing back posture.
The cock is inserted in the vagina interior further though vagina meat gets rolled up in ugliness in an intense piston. Harder piston was made at the woman on top, backward woman on top and bending posture.
An obscene spectacle that the cloudiness liquid pulls the string and labia meat adheres to cock continues. And semen injected into vagina at the bending posture.

Then, the second cock is personally inserted at standing back posture and vaginal cum shot was made. Also the third cock is inserted at bending posture and it is vaginal cum shot.
After the fact, the cock is thrown in to mouth of AYAKO who is doubtful even to stand up and she is made fellatio. A man ejaculates in the face of AYAKO after it is made to suck persistently.
Immediate aftermath, the semen that remains in the cock is beautifully cleaned after push a cock in a mouth and draw out remaining semen. In addition, men who gather launch semen to face of AYAKO one after another.

And cock is put in the mouth immediately after the ejaculation and the cleaning fellatio is demanded. The face & mouth became muddy by the total 14 cum shot. After the fact, AYAKO who falls down is fixed to the iron pillar of the seat and left alone.
AYAKO is discovered by the station staff and abducted as it is after this. Several days later, the fucking train runs in the same route.
AYAKO is made passenger's plaything in the train as a meat urinal that is made fuck & vaginal cum shot by many and unspecified persons.


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