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(Noriko Miyajima) Noriko Collapse


n0330 2008/05/22
Noriko Miyajima
Noriko Collapse

Though the commodity with high return includes the stocks and the foreign loan, etc. compared with the savings interest rate, it introduces slut body investment with much return than it in this time. NORIKO MIYAGIMA is a woman of lovely atmosphere.
The round face with the charm is also attractive. It collapses the mind and body because of a disgrace insulting that is suddenly abducted a certain day and is made to men's playthings.
She was trained completely into obedient meat slave who has the ability only serving. At the beginning, NORIKO in home is suddenly abducted by men who invaded.

She is bound to the hand in the back while having stood in the basement and is fixed to the pillar when she was attentive and clothes are suddenly taken off and the nipple is fingered strongly.
NORIKO who was beaten tits with all might doesn't understand situation and only frighten. In addition, she is kissed and the pussy is stimulated with the vibs toy.
NOTIKO is intensely stirred in the vagina and she ejaculates while going into convulsions the whole body. The pussy is continuously stimulated with the electric massage machine and she is made acme.

However, the massage machine attack continues and clitoris is intensively attacked and she is made acme again. The eyes of NORIKO are already hollow. And, she is fixed to the pillar by the standing back pose and finger fuck is made.
The hip has been spanking at the same time and also cock is thrown in the mouth. The glans ahead is rubbed against the interior of the throat and she sobs. NORIKO keeps sucking while drooling and suffering.
And cock is inserted at the standing back posture. The joy juicer that becomes cloudy gushes personally from the pussy. And it is vaginal cum shot after the one leg is lifted high and the piston is done while being exposed the uniting part.

Immediate aftermath, NORIKO falls down and seems tired out. However, training continues still. In the next, she is put a collar on and made crawl on all fours. In addition, hips are whipped after she is pulled by the lead and being made crawl.
NORIKO pants for the insult play that is licking finger of man's foot politely. A pitiful expression of NORIKO who held finger of foot in her mouth is slave itself. It is the result that training advances to smoothly.
In addition, metallic apparatus is inserted in the mouth with the toy fixed between groins. NORIKO who cannot shut the mouth crawls miserably while drooling. Immediate aftermath, cock is thrown in to the mouth and fellatio is made.

She sucks hard while drooling many times. Then, cock is inserted in the pussy at the backward woman on top posture.
The joy juice that becomes cloudy personally gushes from the vagina and it is vaginal cum shot after she was poked at woman on top and bending posture. Immediate aftermath, the ostium of the vagina does the slack shrinkage and semen is excreted.
In the next, NORIKO is bound whole body with the straw rope and is hung from a ceiling in the state that was made to be stand with a single leg. In addition, the rope is bitten the mouth and she ejaculates to finger fuck & spanking.

The toy attack is also added and she got the acme while gone into convulsions whole body. Immediate aftermath, she is made air hung completely and the vibs toy is inserted in the pussy and made acme.
NORIKO who is made acme many times collapses ego finally after she is made vaginal cum shot. After the fact, NORIKO is put out as a trained woman in front of three guests. NORIKO who was personally inserted cock in mouth is sucks it one after another.
Then cock is put in the pussy at the missionary posture after three cocks are licked at the same time. The cloudiness joy juice blots in the uniting part and the enlarged labia meat adsorbs the cock at the bending & side posture.

And semen is injected after it is stirred in the vagina at the back and woman on top posture. Immediate aftermath, the second cock is inserted in the pussy that is opened in ugliness at back posture and it is vaginal cum shot.
The scene that bubble semen flows backward many time with an obscene sound is must see. And the third cock is personally inserted at missionary posture and semen is injected after an intense piston.
Immediate aftermath, NORIKO scoops the backflow semen by the hand and licks it joyfully. The spirit seems to have collapsed completely. Men begin purchase competing of NORIKO in the back. As a result, NORIKO is sold by the high price.

A man who trained NORIKO and got money plans the next abduction scheme. Noriko was decided to live life in the future as a too l only for fuck & vaginal & vaginal cum shot.
The slut investment gets into the news recently and there are a lot of new entrepreneurs. However, TOKYO HOT that makes any woman to meat slave with good quality get the constant high evaluation as a stability brand.


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